From Onslow County, A Brief History

 "Water transport provided crucial to thedevelopment of Onslow's development of Onslow's economy throughout
the colonial ear.  At his death in 1751,
Robert Courtney bequeathed a perriauger to his two sons."

My G-Grandfather's Attic-Home


12/26/1784.  Notice received of death of Richard Curtis, resident of this District.  Don Estevan Minor, acting as
interpreter, declared that the will contained in substance that the said
Richard Curtis bequeathed the whole of his
estate and effects to his two children, namely a son named
Jonathan Curtis, aged 17, and a daughter named
Jemimah Curtis, aged 20, appointing as curator to said minors William Curtis and Justus Humphreys, to take
charge of same.  Appraisers for estate: Richard Harrison and John Lum.  Inventory and appraisal total $575.

9/20/1789.  Thomas Wilkins, atty. for Daniel Clark, to
Richard Curtis, a Guinea negro, for $546, Mexican Silver, on
John Stampley, surety.  Signed.  Negro taken back by Juan Mapother, by power of attorney.

 9/20/1789.  Thomas Wilkins, atty. for Daniel Clark, to
John Stampley, a new negro wench, for %36, Mexican silver,
on terms.  
Jonathan Curtis, surety.  Eben Rees, Esq. acknowledged to have receeived full payment in foregoing
and mortgage cancelled.  3/15/1808.

9/20/1789.  Thomas Wilkins, atty. for Daniel Clark, to James Cole, Jr., a Guinea negro, for $560, Mexican dollars,
Richard Curtis, surety.  Negro taken back by Juan Mapother, 7/23/1791.

3/29/1804.  Claimant: Thomas Owens.  Wit.:
Jonathan Curtis; Francis Baldridge. Thomas Owens claims a
preemption right to 200 acres on waters of Cole's Creek in Jefferson County, settled in 1802 by claimant, who still
lives on and cultivates the same, having no other claim within the territory.  Know all men, etc.: I, Thomas Owens,
of Jefferson County, has sold unto James Nelson, of Adams County, all my right to 200 acres in Jefferson County
on Cole's Creek, which I claim as a preemtion, in virtue of settlement of
Jonathan Curtis, and in consideration of
James Nelson having paid me $350, the receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge.  2/12/1806.  (Signed) Thomas
Owens.  Wit.:
Thomas Baldridge, Isaac Caldwell.