Cain and Garmon Records

Georgia, Texas

Forsyth Co., GA Marriage Records:

 12/26/1842:  Matthew GARMON  m.  Martha YANCY
 9/19/1847:  Francis YANCY  m.  Mary Fytspatrick
 2/3/1843:  James YANCY  m.  Barbara GARMON
 11/9/1843:  Stephen YANCY  m.  Polly Ann Holebrooks
 8/22/1838:  Sarah YANCEY  m.  Lewis Holbrook
 9/7/1855:  Sarah YANCY  m.  Thomas D. Fitzpatrick
[some records say 8/3/1855]
12/20/1853:  Sarah YANCY  m.  Stephen W. Fitzpatrick

1850 Index to Forsyth Co., GA Federal Census:

 Matthew GARMON, 31st District, page 152  

Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia:

 John S. CAIN, residence:  Gwinnett Co., GA
 Enlisted in Company B
[known as Independent Rebels], 42nd Infantry Regiment GA;
      Pvt., on March 4, 1862
 Captured in the Battle of Atlanta, POW in Camp Chase Federal Prison, Columbus, OH
 Release date:  May 15, 1865
Buried in Cumming Cemetery, Cumming, Forsyth, County, GA:
  Adevila Ann, dau. of John, 7/1846 - 10/1848
  Francis Ann, 12/1823 - 12/1898
  John, Jr., 3/6/1817 - 7/6/1875; born in Pendleton District, SC; married in Gwinnett Co., 8/19/1840
uried in Parkland Cemetery, Dallas, TX:

 Mary [GARMON] CAIN Francis and second husband, John Riley Francis

Buried in Collin Co., TX, name of cemetery unknown:

 John Stephen CAIN
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