Photographs of the Tombstones of David W. & Martha Garrett
Beauvoir Cemetery
Biloxi, MS
David W. Garrett was the brother of my g-grandfather, Josiah Garrett.  
He and his wife, Martha, are buried in the Beauvoir Cemetery on the
Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  At one time, Beauvoir was a home for aged
Confederate Veterans and David had been in the 4th Miss Infantry, Co.
E.  As my mother told the story, David and his wife had no children and
didn't want to be a burden to their nieces and nephews.  When they
reached a time when they felt they could no longer properly care for
themselves, they decided to move to Beauvoir.  As they completed the
task of closing down their home in Lawrence County, MS, David was
bitten by a rabid dog.  Whether he knew the dog had rabies and realized
the wound would be fatal is not known, however, he and his wife
proceeded to make the move to Beauvoir, where David died a short
time later.  Martha Garrett lived at Beauvoir for the rest of her life.  
They are both buried in the  cemetery there.

I am greatly indebted to Thomas Hammack, Jr. for his kindness in
taking these photographs.  Mr. Hammack is a volunteer at Beauvoir.
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Tombstones of David and Martha Garrett                       "D. W. Garrett, Co. E, 4th Miss"