42nd Georgia Infantry Regiment, Company B
Gwinnett County, Georgia
 My g-grandfather, John S. Cain, joined this company on March 4, 1862.  He was captured during the
siege of Atlanta, on July 24, 1864, and sent to the union prison at Camp Chase, Ohio.  He was released
from there on May 15, 1865.
  I've included a very brief history of Company B.
This company left Yellow River, Gwinnett County, GA for Camp McDonald on March 10, 1862.  Left Camp
McDonald on April 16, 1862, and arrived at Knoxville, TN on April 17, 1862.  They marched from Knoxville,
TN and arrived at Cumberland Gap, TN on April 28, 1862.  They arrived at Vicksburg, MS on December 27,
1862 and engaged in fight at Chickasaw Bayou, MS on December 28 and 29.  The 42nd GA is praised in
both Gen. Pemberton's and Gen. S. D. Lee's official report regarding the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou.
The company marched around and below Vicksburg, to Big Black River, then to Baker's Creek, MS, and
engaged the enemy on May 16, 1863.  They returned to Vicksburg May 17 and remained during the siege
of Vicksburg and until the surrender on July 4, 1863.  They were paroled and left for Mobile, AL and
reached there on July 23, eventually reporting to parole camp at Decataur, GA.  Organized and left
Decatur on October 2, 1863, joining Gen. Bragg's army at Chicamauga, GA on October 4, then went on to
Chattanooga, TN and engaged in the battle at Missionary Ridge, TN on November 25, 1863.
 The company was engaged in the campaign of Atlanta from May 1 - September 8, 1864, where my
g-grandfather was captured......just 30 miles from his home.
 On Gen. Sherman's first visit to Atlanta after the war, and while he was General of the Army, he rode
with Col. Evan P. Howell over his battlefield and told him personally that he watched the charge made by
Stovall's Brigade and remarked "There was not a more gallant charge made during the war than the one
made on that occasion."
Battles and Campaigns of Stovall's Georgia Infantry Brigade:

Bridgeport, AL                                         
Tazwell, TN                                             
Invasion of KY                                         
Chickasaw Bayou, MS                              
Baker's Creek, MS                                   
Vicksburg, MS                                         
Missionary ridge, TN                                 
Dug Gap, GA                                             
Resaca, GA                                                
Cassville, GA                                             
New Hope Church, GA                               
Kennesaw Mountain, GA
Chattahoochee River, GA
Peachtree Creek, GA
Atlanta, GA   [where John Cain was captured]
Jonesboro, GA
Franklin, TN
Nashville, TN
Orangeburg, SC
Columbia, SC
Kinston, NC
Bentonville, NC
Surrender at Greensboro, NC, April 26, 1865
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Family Page
Travel pass issued to my ancestor, John S. Cain, upon his release from Camp Chase Federal Prison,
Columbus, OH, May 18, 1865.  He carried it in his wallet until his death.
John S. Cain's grave,
Collin County, TX
My g-grandfather played the fiddle and he loved nothing
more than playing or singing the Irish tunes taught to him
by his parents, from lullabyes to Irish reels.......this was his
favorite pasttime.  According to my grandmother, he was
able to keep his fiddle with him throughout a good bit of
the war.