Garrett Family Records

South Carolina & Mississippi
Sumter District, South Carolina Federal Census Records:

Thomas Garrett; 1 male over 16; 1 female
Edward Garrett; 1 male over 16; 2 females

Thomas Garrett
David, Garrett, Sr.;
over 45 [Isaac Garrett's father]
David Garrett, Jr.; 18-26 [Isaac Garrett's brother]
Tyra Garrett [son of David Garrett, Sr., above, and brother of Isaac Garrett]
  [According to a descendant, Tyra was born in SC about 1795;  married (1) Temperance about
1820 and migrated to Pulaski County, GA about 1824; his children:
David (first son), Jacob,
James, Mary, Temperance, Luiza, George, Tyra, Elizabeth, Edward
; married (2) Martha Stokes,
about 1855; died in GA in July, 1867.
Tyra's will mentions son, Tyra, Jr., son, David, son, James,
daughter, Luiza Faircloth, daughter, Mary Hodges and Martha, his wife, and her children, but
did not name them.
   Tyra's son, David, married (1) Caroline Matilda Lewis; had the following known children: Tyre
Jackson; Meady; William H.; Elephain N. A. J. Garrett
.  Tyre Jackson Garrett, son of David,
married Francis Williams; named his first son John D. (probably David);  John D. married (2)
Leila Mae Warren; named his first son
Willie A.]

1830 Index:
David Garrett, page 121
Thomas Garrett , Sr., page 96
Thomas Garrett, Jr., page 98
Edward Garrett, page 98

1840 Index:
Thomas Garrett, page 221

Notes from Lola Garrett Gibson, daughter of Josiah and Flora Carmichael

This house [the old Garrett homestead, in Union Church, MS] was built by my grandfather, Isaac Garrett, in the
year 1847.  He was born January 12, 1808 and came as a young man from Sumter, South Carolina.  He met and
Miss Abba Ann Warren, who was born December 16, 1812, and came to this community from Georgia,
when she was seven years old.
 After their marriage, they came to this place, in about 1838 or 1839.  Eight children were born to them, six boys
and two girls, two died in infancy.  Josiah, the second child, was our father.  When
Isaac and Abba Ann came here,
there was a house that had been built by a Mr. Ewing and they lived in that house until 1847.  Abba was expecting
her fourth child, so they hurried to finish the house before he was born.  Four more children were born here.  Isaac
died on August 24, 1856, after a lengthy illness.
  All except one of
Isaac and Abba's sons fought on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War.  Abba did not hear
Josiah (later to be our father) for 3 months and assumed him to be dead.  He'd been captured and spent time
in a Union prison camp in Pennsylvania until the end of the war.  He came home down the Ohio and Mississippi
Rivers after his discharge and walked the long distance from the River to Union Church, and was greeted with
surprise and joy by his family, who had assumed him dead.
  The first post office in Union Church was established here in this house and named Scotland Post Office.  This
was on the road the riders used from Jackson to Natchez, so they stopped here to change horses and the
upstairs was used as an inn.
                                                            June, 1962, Union Church, MS


Gleanings from Fayette Watchtower and Jefferson Journal newspapers,
Fayette, Jefferson Co., MS:
September 12, 1856
 Tribute of Respect:
Isaac Garrett, who died on August 1856, in this county, Masonic Lodge No. 181 of Union
Church, MS.


1840 Federal Census:
Isaac Garrett

1841State Census Index:
Isaac Garrett

1845 State Census Index:
Isaac Garrett

1853 State Census Index:
Isaac Garrett

1850 Federal Census:
Isaac Garrett, 41, Planter, Value of property: $960, b. SC; West 8 Township
A. [Abba], 37, b. GA
David, 11, b. MS
Josiah, 10, b. MS
Jacob, 7, b. MS
Isaac [Newton], 3, b. MS
T. W. [Thomas], 1, b. MS

William Garrett, 45, Planter, Value of property: $1,080, b. SC
Mary, 38, b. SC
Jacob, 21, Planter, b. SC
Phillip, 19, b. SC
Nath, 17, b. SC
Caroline, 15, b. SC
William, 12, b. SC
Julianna (?), 10, b. SC
John, 8, b. SC
Pricilla, 6, b. SC
Marion, (M) 4, b. SC
Victoria, 2, b. SC

1853 State Census Index:
Isaac Garrett

1860 Federal Census:

1870 Federal Census Index:
Isaac Garrett [Isaac's son, Isaac Newton Garrett], Union Church Township


Ben   m.   Josephine CATO, 12/11/1878
Cordelia J.   m.   Ben Y. WADE, 2/18/1869
Edgar   m.  Ada Mae DAWKINS, 12/29/1897
Emma A.   m.   John L. ABBOTT, 1/19/1893
Fannie   m.   Hugh Joseph McCORMICK, 1/20/1897
I. N.
[Isaac Newton]   m.   Emeline BUCKLEY, 12/19/1866
I. N.
[Isaac Newton]   m.   N. A. Saxton, 1/20/1897
Isaac   m.   Abba Ann Warren, 12/20/1839
Jacob   m.   Rebecca Ann CATO12/20/1855
James G.   m.   Mrs. Matilda McCALEB, 9/16/1845
Josephine   m.   W. H. M. PHILLIPS, 12/8/1875
Josiah   m.   Flora CARMICHAEL, 1/17/1867
Lola   m.   W.
[Will] U. Gibson, 1/22/1899
Mary   m.   John BLACKMON, 1/22/1880
Mary C.   m.   Joseph W. CATO, 12/22/1853
Minnie   m.   Calvin C. BEARD, 9/4/1895
P. P.   m.  A. M. STEVEN, 2/14/1881
Mrs. Sarah   m.   George H. TURNAGE, 12/6/1860
Tempie   m.   James E. COLEY, 12/26/1900
Thomas W.   m.   Mary E. WARREN, 2/16/1873
W. T.   m.   O. R. CARNES, 1/19/189


Ann   m.   Benjamin MACK, 11/12/1869
Ella   m.   L. L. BRITTIAN, 12/13/1860
H. J.   m.   M. R. PIERCE, 1/25/1875
Jane   m.   Calvin O'SIKES, 1818
Martha F.   m.   W. P. GUYNES, 5/21/1866
Mary R.   m.   Jackson HALL, 2/15/1870
Nannie A.   m.   Joel LILLY, 12/11/1860
Patrick   m.   Flora BISHOP, 3/10/1869
R. A.   m.   J. A. BALLOW, 12/3/1874
Sallie   m.   Iverson WHITE, 5/28/1870
W. B. F.   m.   Rebecca GRESHAM, 12/1/1845


Lucinda   m.   James MOORE, 10/21/1833
Vitezry   m.   William SORVELL, 7/6/1823


Addie E.   m.   M. E. EDMONSON, 10/26/1907
Leona   m.   Mark R. LOTZ, 10/23/1909
R. J.   m.   Angie L. VARNADO, 6/24/1896
W. H.   m.   Pearl BURGESS, 9/22/1900
Lillian   m.   Oatis CANNON, 2/4/1911


For a listing of Garretts buried in Union Church Cemetery, please see the U.C. Cemetery page.
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Notes from the obituary of John A. Garrett, Union Church, Jefferson County,
[Thanks to Ruth Nevels, whose husband is a descendant.]
John A. Garrett was the son of Thomas Garrett of Sumter, SC;  John was born on July 13, 1832, near Sumter, SC;  
He received his education at Sumterville, SC and was married in 1856 to Martha Priscilla Pritchard.  In April, 1857,
they moved to Mississippi, near Union Church.  He served three years during the Civil War; he was a member of
the Baptist Church.  He died February 23, 1906, near Union Church, MS.

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