My Jackson Family
in Pearl River County, MS
Jackson Family, Burgetown Community, 1930's -  Left to right, in front: My father,
Archie Lee Jackson; his parents, Louvenia and Edward Jackson; my uncle and
aunt, Carl Jackson & Myrtle Jackson Hybarger Rouse and her daughter, Ruth
In back: Carl's wife, Jennie Jackson, and their daughter, Helen.
Nicholson Elementary School
Second row, seated, 6th from right, Nancy Jackson Brister; directly behind
me, my cousin, Corliss Jackson; on right, teacher, Mrs. Powell.
Santa Rosa Community - My cousin, Dennis Hancock,
sits in the front yard of his grandparents' new house
with a neighbor's child.  (My aunt & uncle's home,
Eddie and Myrtle Jackson Rouse).
First United Methodist Church, Picayune,
Easter, 1983 -  In front, 2nd from left, Florelle
Jackson; next to her, 3rd from left, is Anne
Turner; 6th from left, Edith McDonald; first lady
on the left in back row, Edith Rawls.
Homemakers Club, Picayune, abt. 1985 -  Above: standing on
left, Edith Rawls, next to her, seated, my mom, Florelle
Below: seated, my mother, Florelle Jackson,
standing: center, Emma Myers, right, Anne Turner.
Nancy, our front yard,
Nicholson (showing
my Scottish heritage.
My grandmother, Louvenia Cain Jackson, my
mom, Florelle Garrett Jackson, and me, in front
of Mrs. Curry's house, Nicholson.
My cousin, Ruth
Hybarger Hancock,and me.
Nicholson; it's hard to see, but that's my
Uncle Eddie with the jaunty sailor cap--
he was a merchant marine.
L to R: Nancy Jackson Brister, two of the
Kellar sisters, who lived next door.
Nancy, on the right.
Nancy, in front of my dad's Spur station.
Jackson cousins:  L - R:  Sharon, Marleen, Jean, Suzi & Linda, next
to the graves of our grandparents, Edward and Louvenia Cain
Jackson, in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Pearl River County;  my
grandmother was the first person to be buried in the cemetery in
1960; my parents, Archie Lee and Florelle Garrett Jackson, and my
aunt, Myrtle Jackson Rouse, also, rest there.
My G-Grandfather's Attic - Home