My Jackson Family

Bradleyville Cemetery
Bradleyville, Taney County, Missouri

With many thanks to Bob Jackson - and his feathered friend, Josephine -
for his kindness in traveling to Bradleyville to take these photos.
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Taken from the rear of the cemetery;
large tombstone:  James and Mary
Jackson; James was a brother of
my g-grandfather, Samuel Jackson.
Bradleyville's school is in the background.
The church is in the background.   
Jackson tombstones:
The one to the left of the
large marker and the 3 to the
right, from the viewer's perspective.
James and Mary Jackson;
James was my g-grandfather, Samuel's oldest brother.
Below are close-ups of the stones above.
Far left:  Charles F. & Laura S., [children
of James and Mary]
Charles, 12/19/1875 - 2/20/1876
Laura, 4/21/1880 - 10/27/1880
Large stone:  James & Mary (see below)
Next to James & Mary:
Sarah F., 3/8/1871 - 11/19/1892
Next to Sarah:
William Jackson, 3/20/1865;
Next to William, wife:
Martha A., 12/24/1875 - 12/11/1906
Charles and Laura's tombstone
(L.) William and (R.) Martha
Sarah's tombstone
It's a very large cemetery, it extends past the
open space you can see in the center.
Samuel M. Jackson, 11/11/1869 - 1/3/1946
Della (Brown) Jackson, 12/19/1873 - 9/28/1942
Roxie A. (Jackson) Knight
12/23/1908 - 2/9/1929