Scotland Post Office, Jefferson County, Mississippi
1849 - 1856
My g-g-grandfather, Isaac Garrett, served as postmaster at the Scotland Post Office
in Jefferson County, MS beginning August 4, 1849.  The post office closed on April 15,
1856, shortly after his death.  My g-aunts had often told the story of their home
being a post office and of the postal riders stopping to spend the night in their attic,
but, until recently, I'd never found proof of it. But, recently, while visiting a post
office history website, I found Scotland Post Office listed among Mississippi's historic
post offices, with Isaac Garrett as postmaster, and the dates mentioned above.  The
old Garrett homestead was located between Perth and Union Church and the post
office was named to honor the many citizens of Scottish descent in the area.  For
many years Union Church was known as Scottish Settlement.  While viewing the list
of Mississippi post offices, I found another member of one of my families listed as a
postmaster:  Phil D. Stampley, Lowenburg Post Office, Jefferson County, MS.
What remains of the old Garrett homestead, built by my
g-g-grandfather, Isaac Garrett in 1847, where postal riders traveling
on horseback once stopped to deliver the mail and rest for the night.
A postal rider on the route to Natchez, not too far from
the old Scottish Settlement.
My G-Grandfather's Attic - Home