Turtleskin Cemetery,
Pearl River County, MS

Photos and Transcriptions from Selected Tombstones
Hwy. 607, Stennis Space Center Buffer Zone
Left, above & below:  John E. Whitfield, Jan. 10, 1824 - March 8, 1892;  
Sarah A. McCarty, wife of John E. Whitfield, Feb. 4, 1830 - Feb. 9,1901;  
enclosed in iron fence.  Dates thanks to Julie Campbell.
Amelia Carre, Born Wingate
Died December 24th, 1862
in the 71st year of her age.
Rener Casperian Henley
Feb 25, 1902 - Oct 24, 1912
A link that binds us to Heaven.
Father: William O [Olney] Bennett, 1875 - 1930
Mother: Susie E. Bennett, June 1, 1883 - 1924
Left:  Andrew Lott, December, Dec. 1, 1844 - June 27, 1906
Two lines at bottom are illegible.

Right:  Gasporine Scopas Lott
October 1847 - July 3, 1935
I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course.
I have kept the faith.
Left: Rebecca Pierce wife of Ivy Thigpen;
Right: Ivy Thigpen, Born 1808
Henry A. Craft, Born July 26, 1888,
Died October 13, 1918, In the U.S. Army
Gone to Rest but no
Thomas W. Brown, Born London, England
March 15, 1872, Died July 18, 1951
Gone but not Forgotten
Members of the Brown Family
Alzine Bilbo, Mar 7, 1905 - Apr 4, 1937
Pvt. Daniel A. Thigpen, Co. B, 128th Inf
Mar 23, 1888 - Nov 23, 1918
For World Liberty
W. T. Brown, Born Aug 8, 1870,
Died Sept 26, 1897
Aged 27 years, 1 month, 18 days
How many hopes lie buried here.
In memory of Absalum M.
Son of H. W. and M. N. [Nellie Margaret Nelson] Kellar
Born Jan 23, 1872 - Died Jan 7, 1879
A little time on earth he spent,
Till God for him His angel sent.
James G., Husband of Mary E. Frierson
Jan 3, 1853 - Feb 12, 1922
God's finger touched him and he slept.
S. J. Woodcock, Born Feb 4, 1902,Died Feb 17, 1902
Our darling one hath gone before
To greet us on the blessed shore.
James Wiley Woodcock
Born Feb 16, 1898 - Oct 28, 1902
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest
In Jesus' arms forever blest.
Solomon McArthur,
Co. D, 17 BN, Miss Cav, CSA
Frank Moulekamp.....Molinda Moulekamp
James A. Fleming
Born July 7, 1818, Died Dec. 25, 1894
He served through the Indian War of 1836
and 4 years in the Confederate War.
He died as he lived, trusting in God.
Turtleskin Cemetery is more than a hundred years old
and veterans of many wars rest here.
John Kellar
Born Feb 15, 1822 - Died Sep 8, 1886
Not Forgotten
This is a very large cemetery, these
photos represent only a small number
of the graves there.