Roll of Charley Clark's
Rifles,Company A,
12th MS Infantry
Regiment, CSA
Members of Company A were from
both Union Church, Jefferson County
and from neighboring Copiah County.

My family names are in blue.

John J. McLean, Captain
John D. Fairley, 1st Lieutenant
Thomas C. McNair, 2nd Lieutenant
John M. Gillis, 3rd Lieutenant
James M. Freeman, 1st Sargeant
John James McLean, 2nd Sargeant
Allen F. McLean, 3rd Sargeant
Edward A. Buckley, 4th Sargeant
W. A. Cato, 5th Sargeant
W. B. Buckelew, 1st Corporal
James N. Clark, 2nd Corporal
John R. Henderson, 3rd Corporal
A. J. Short, 4th Corporal
Josiah Garrett, my g-grandfather
Jacob Garrett
Evander Carmichael
Daniel Washinigton McCormick
Duncan Franklin McCormick
B. L. Applewhite
Davis Applewhite
J. Applewhite
G. L. Applewhite
R. R. Applewhite
Daniel Coleman
S. J. Calender
James F. Torry
John N. Pritchard
Robert Stewart
Thomas P. Stewart
W. R. Nevils
Francis McQueen
Davis Erwin
C. C. Erwin
Hezekiah Erwin
Pitt M. Littleton
D. H. Guice
H. S. McCallum
John A. Galbreath
Elijah Mullins
William Mullins
A. J. Moore
James R. Ray
David Smith
Henry P. Boaden
Frederick Bessonett
Daniel C. Stanton
A. J. Davis
W. L. Cheshire
B. F. Robinson
Jacob Holden
S. D. Smith
James A. McCugal
Aaron W. Brown
Goldsberry Robinson
W. J. Kelly
Robert H. Watson
G. M. Guess
J. W. Prescott
Green Hill
R. B. Thedford
Franklin Allen
B.B. Headrick
D. D. Brown
Thomas Keaton
R. W. Radford
S. J. Guelmanot
Will Barrister
Pearse Irving
J. L. Vaughn
John D. Trout
William Otto
T. B. Casey
J. M. Zackery
W. King
A. Kemp
Z. L. Davis
B. Shorefew
Lowery Devlin
C. C. Carpenter
T. J. Hamilton
H. C. Strickland
Thomas James
Alex David
B. Hyman
Augusta Cobb
G. B. Adville
Will H. Clark
John Patterson
Charley Shub
George Andings
James Odouvell
Isaac Clark
Abraham Shon
Elijah Short
Ferdinand Krauss
W. W. Newsome
D. P. Fairley
William Ferguson
James C. Herring
Parous Glover
Nathaniel Watson
John Baker
James Leonard
Flag of Company A, 12th MS Infantry Regiment
My G-Grandfather's Attic - Home
This flag was sewn and presented to Co. A, Charley Clark Rifles, by the
ladies of Union Church, including my g-grandmother, Flora Carmichael Garrett.
Thanks so much to Buddy Engelhorn for sharing this photograph.
"Mississippians Who Surrendered at Appomattox
Southern Historical Society Papers, VOL. XV"
Published by the Society, 1887
"Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia
Surrendered at Appomattox C. H., VA
April 9, 1865
Lt. Gen. U. S. Grant, Commanding Armies
of the United States"

12th MS Regiment
Company A (also known as Co. H)

Sgt. D. W. McCormick
Pvt. W. W. King
Pvt. A. K. King
Pvt. J. M. King
Pvt. Evander J. Carmichael
Pvt. S. Strickland
Josiah Garrett, David Garrett, Jacob Garrett
Jefferson County, MS, mid-1920's
The USCW Battle of Seven Pines