Memorial Day
Above and below, World War I Memorial
Above and below, World War II Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Above and below, Vietnam War Memorial
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In Flanders Fields

Oradour-sur-Glane:  The Silent Village

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Below, a few vintage photos from the Library of Congress.
Aisne Marne American Cemetery, France, 1928;
2,289 American soldiers from World War I rest here; along
with the names of 1,060 soldiers who are listed as missing.
Netherlands American Cemetery, Holland, 1945;
8,301 American soldiers from World War II are buried here; the
names of 1,722 soldiers who are missing are inscribed here, as well.
A French woman pays tribute to an American World War I soldier's grave, France, 1918.
Two family members decorate the grave of an American
soldier killed in World War II, Arlington Cemetery, 1943.
Memorial Day, Pres. Harry Truman lays a wreath at the tomb
of the unknown soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, 1948.