"The Eastonite" Yearbook - 1927

The list of sponsors and the images on this page were taken from a
1927 yearbook of Warren Easton High School, which was an all boys'
school at that time.
Bottom Row, left to right:  Mrs.
Hickey, Prof. F. W. Gregory,
Principal, Miss Tharp;  Second
Row:  Mr. Gamble, Prof. Crowley,
Prof. Sontag;  Third Row:  Prof.
Russo, Michel, Prof. P. I. Smith;  
Fourth Row:  Prof. Carver, Prof.
Crespo;  Fifth Row:  Mr. Patureau,
Prof. Rhoem, Prof. Green
Bottom, left to right:  Prof.
Trawick, Prof. Aitkens;  Second
Row:  Prof. Seaman, Prof. Vickers,
H. Cabral and P. Cabral;  Third
Row:  Prof. Pierce, Prof. Steidtman
and H. Smith;  Fourth Row:  Prof.
Vorlse, Prof. Reese, Prof. Alciatore,
Prof. Vosbein;  Fifth Row:  Prof.
Bierhorst, Prof. Becker
Bottom Row, left to right:  Prof.
Russ, Prof. White, Prof. Rapp;  
Second Row:  Prof. Rudolf, Prof.
Heyden, Prof. Bourgeois, Prof.
Paine;  Third Row:  Prof. Bernudi,
Prof. Heindel, Prof. Heindel, Prof.
Tonglet, Prof. Bartlow;  Fourth Row:  
Prof. Hanley, Prof. Eberle, Prof.
Marshall;  Fifth Row:  Prof. Ray,
Prof. Voss, Prof. Follet
W. E. B. H. Athletic Association
Top right: Prof. P. D. Roehm; top left:
Prof. J. A. Rousseau; bottom left: F.
G. Heier; bottom right: R. T. Adams
Football Team (No identification to correlate with the photo, these names
are not in order of place in picture)
Frederick Heier; Chester Reresh; Nolan Richards; Lawrence Lashley;
Francis Martinez; Aleck Bisso; Eddy Tschirn; Conny Schneidau; Fulham;
Roy Adams; William Gruber; E. Upton; C. Barnell; E. Simon; J. Kelleher;
Calvert DeColigay; Coach Leal MacLean (Harry Gamble to be next coach);
Manager Joseph Rinderly
Track Team (Names are not in order of place in photo)
Calvert DeColigny; Frederick Heier; Blankenship; Edwards;
Milton Phillips; Jack McCausland; Johnson; Albert Rose; A.
Jones; Conny Schneidau; Wallis; Gidiere; Parnell Hyland; Nolan
Richards; Kraus
Basketball Team - No names were supplied.
Gymnastic Team - No names were supplied.
Band - No names were supplied.

"Oldenburg's - for Buster Brown Shoes, 5525 Magazine Street"
"Only the Best - Katz & Besthoff - Four Good Drug Stores"
"Chero-Cola - Refreshing - Satisfying, A Trial will Convince You; bottled in New Orleans' most
Sanitary and Modern Bottling Plant"
"Elmer's Chocolates - Goodness Knows They're Good"
"The Roosevelt Roof at West End
- Dance and Dine - Music by the Owls Orchestra"
"Brown's Velvet Ice Cream - It cost more to make but not to eat, New Orleans Ice Cream Company"
"F. Compagno Restaurant - Oysters, Fish, Chicken, Soft Shell Crabs, 4605 Magazine Street, UPtown 5310"
"Drink Dixo - Dixie Brewed Merz Products Co., Inc."
"Checker Cab Co. - When in need of a taxi, call a Checker, MAin0050, Joseph Bistes, Pres."
"Suburban Building & Loan, Maison Blanche Building, John Frowen, President"
"Dixie - Greatest Homestead South, organized in 1907,
Authorized Capitol $15,000,000.00 - Own Your
Own Home; Interest on loans 6 89/10 per cent, no bonue; we pay 3 per cent semi-annually, William Sonnemann
"John H. Mathes, Realtor - My service does more than satisfy, it absolutely pleases"
"Anheuser-Busch Ice Cream -America's Greatest Food Dessert - Always Best"
"Jungle Gardens, Inc. of Avery Island, La.
- Nursery & Landscaping,  E. A. McIlhenny, President"
"Drink Ward's Orange Crush in Krinkly Bottles"
"Harris' Jersey Ice Cream - Frozen Suckers or Dixies for all occasions"
"Maison Blanche - Greatest Store South
"Marks Isaacs Co., 711 Canal Street"
"Soule College - the Gateway to Success in Business, 1410 Jackson Avenue"
"Spencer Business College, 310 Carondelet Street"
"Dawson Maytag Company - World's greatest Maytag aluminum washers, 226 Baronne Street"
"Union Homestead Association, organized in 1886;
Wm. Pfaff & E. L. Hebert, Carondelet & Perdido"
Freret Shoe Store, Frank Vollenweider, Prop., Ladies' & Children's Shoes, 4626 Freret Street"
"Frank B. Moore Photographer - Has been established in New Orleans 32 years;
108 Baronne Street, corner Canal Street (Over the Drug Store)"
"Beekman's - the South's Greatest Men's and Boys' Store"
"Albert J. Vallon, Inc. - Metairie Ridge and Jefferson Parish Specialists, 926 Gravier Street"
"George A. Chehardy - Tailoring - Importer of Woolens, 716 Common Street"
"C. E. Steidtmann's Summer School - Robert E. Lee School, 1607 Carrollton Avenue"
"New Orleans Archery - Bows, Arrows, Archary, Tackle, 2729 Milan Street"
"Terry & Juden Co., 141 Carondelet Street"
"Achille J. B. Simon
- First Class Photographer - Crayons, Copying & Viewing a Specialty"
"Furs - Remodelled - Stored - Cleaned & Relined - Standard Hide and Fur Co.,
200 Decatur Street"
"Meyer-Eiseman Realtor - Meyer Eiseman, E. Lysle Aschaffenburg, A. C. Pritchard"
"Dixie Machine Welding & Metal Works, Inc.
- P. Ingraham, B. J. Rusovich, E. Magreevy, Julius
Szodomka, 1031 Annunciation Street"
"Gertler and Goldberg Suitcase Manufacturers, 123 Chartres Street"
"Max Zander - Outfitters for Boys 2-10;  Fred Muehlendorff now with us"
"John B. Honor & Co.
- Contractors for the discharging and loading of steamers, 618 Carondelet"
Liberty Homestead - 6 % Annual Dividend; L. E. Raboun, Louis Lemarie, Curtis Scott, Hy. N. Boudousquie"
"Oliver H. Van Horn - Tools for Tinkering, 534 Camp Street"
"D. Natal - Strand's Market #1, 1015 Gravier Street, #2, Metairie Ridge; Memory Market;
Frey's Meat Market, Canal & Villere"
"Wheeler's Restaurant - For Real Home Cooking, 4139 Canal Street"
"O. A. Cotton, Jeweler - S
hop in comfort at our air cooled store."
"Myles Salt - Salt of the Earth - Nature's Purest"
"People's Shoe Hospital
- Work called for and delivered, P. DiPaola, Prop, Dryades & Delachaise Streets"
"Sierra's Two Stores - For Good Things to Eat, 2101 Esplanande Avenue; 1848 Gentilly"
"Robert E. Griffin's Drug Store, Tulane Avenue & Bolivar
Flach's Kidney Flush - For Weak Kidneys - For Aching Backs - 75 cents a bottle
"Perry & Buckley Col - Manufacturing Stationers, 729 Poydras Street"
"Rudolph Ramelli, Inc - Coal and Coke - Laundry Supplies, 1722 Poydras Street"

The following names are grouped alphabetically:

Algiers Motor Company
Acme Homestead Asscoiation, 802 Poydras Street
Ane's Pharmacy, 2701 Peniston Street
Athletic Outfitters, 130 Carondelet Street
Neil A. Armstrong, Jr.
Captain J. A. Bisso
R. E. Blanchard Drug Store
Blattmann-Weeser Sheet Metal Works, 1001 Toulouse St., MAin 7361
Broomes Printing Office, 149 Elk Place
Class of 1899
Cohen's Hardware Store
J. B. Chopin & Co. Florists, 4701 Magazine Street
Devron's Pharmacy, 4739 Magazine Street
Dietzgen Drawing Materials
Paul L. Dupas Real Estate, 812 Union Street
C. A. Desporte & Son Cut-Rate Pharmacy, Chartres and Dumaine Streets
Demack Motor Co. - Willys-Knight & Whippet Motor Cars, Carondelet at St. Joseph Street
M. Dombourian - Rugs a Specialty
Edward G. Duffard - Candies, 3319 Cleveland Avenue
Durel & Busch Florist, 1432 Canal Street
John Dymond, Jr.
Escorial Theatre
El Trelles Cigars
Eureka Homestead
Crawford H. Ellis
Ernst & Ernst Certified Public, New Orleans Bank Building
Fallo Floral Co., Inc. 423 Baronne Street
Freret Novelty Store, Bicycles and Accessories, 4618 Freret Street
Dave Frank - Sheet Music, 123 Carondelet Street
Frigid Ice Co., Inc., Newton and Whitney Avenue, Algiers
Forval's Men's Shop, 425 St. Charles Avenue
Friedrichs & Dupas Real Estate, 812 Union Street
Miss Emilie Gallo
Good Will Cleaners, 4144 Banks Street, GAlvez 6715
Henry's Barber Shop, 842 Gravier Street
Commissioner W. T. Hall
Hibernia Shoe Fixry, 304 Carondelet Street
Hausmann, Inc. Jewelers, 730 Canal Street
Hubbard Shop, Printing, Hannibal Frisbie, Everett Wells, 309 Camp Street
J. C. Hay
Hereford-Turcan, Inc. Jewelry & Gift Shop, 218 Baronne Street
High Grade Realty Co. - W. K. Hinds, 421 Carondelet Street
Holzer Sheet Metal Works, Inc., 317 Burgundy Street
Imperial Shoe Store
International Harvestor Co., 501 N. Alexander Street
King Edward Cigar - 5 cents
L. Krower & Son, Inc.
Klein Brothers Furniture
J. J. Kelly, Fancy & Staple Groceries, palmyra and Dupre Streets
T. J. Kelly Company, Ltd., Wholesale Distributors
Korn Bros. - Plumbing & Heating Contractors, 1820 Baronne Street
L. Klein, Inc. Real Estate, 429 Baronne Street
Labiche & Graff - For Good Clothes, 826 Poydras Street
Lee's Plating and Polishing Shop, CEdar 1559
Maltese Cross Olive - At all Drug Stores
F. & P. Maestri Furniture, Est. 1896, 140 N. Rampart Street
Moss' Barber Shop, 108 Baronne Street
Virginie Muller - Florist
New Orleans Public Service - They are working for you.
Dr. Homer S. Neal, Dentist, 1206 St. Charles Avenue, over Avenue Pharmacy
Mayor A. J. O'Keefe
Pelican Homestead Association, E. J. Vives, E. J. Vives, 932 Gravier Street
C. T. Patterson Co., Inc., Heavy Hardware
Charles A. Platz
S. L. Rocca General Contracting, 7026 Sycamore St., WAlnut 6371
Southern Shell Fish Company
A. C. Suhren, Sr. - Suhren, Inc., 1050 Carondelet St., JAckson 0400
W. E. Seebold, Fine Art Dealer, 139 Carondelet Street
A. Schabel
A. M. Swords
Sid Sizeler - Class Ring & Pin Specialist
Standard Tire Company, 807 Howard Avenue
Spot Cash Wholesale Grocery, Tho. Flanagan, 322 Poydras Street
Dr. G. H. Tichenor's Antiseptic Company
The Tile Shop, 824 Carondelet Street
Tricou Men's Wear, 738 Gravier Street
E. S. Upton Printing Co., 535 Magazine Street
Veith Supply Co., Inc. 2319 St. Louis Street
Leon Verges Real Estate, Balter Bldg., 632 Commercial Place
Walsdorf's Drugs & Gifts, Peniston and Dryades
Frank S. Whitten - Equitable Life Insurance, Hibernia Bank Building
Frank Weiss & Co., 517 Tchoupitoulas Street
Henry Weber, Jeweler, Est. 1905, 3118 Magazine Street
Sol Weiss
Lucien Zilbermann, 2023 St. Charles Avenue

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