Fire station, Esplanade Avenue, built 1840's.
Fire Prevention parade on Canal Street, 1957
Blaze that destroyed old Senator Hotel, 1968
Annual Fire Department Inspection at Jackson Square, 1967
Entering St. Louis Cathedral, annual Fire Department Inspection, date unknown
New Orleans Fire Department:
A Look Back
Firemen and equipment in front of the Municipal Auditorium
Filmore Leauge All-Stars, Baseball Champs, 1975
Photo taken by Chief C. Mickal at the Irish Channel Rec Center.
Top row, l to r:  Donald Schulz, Bruce Dupre, Milton Helmke, Joe Buras, Joe
Rigny (Coach of the Year)
Bottom row, l to r:  Eddie Austin, John Gallagher, Angelo Marchese, Tony
Labella, Norvin Galliano, Terry Smith (Most Valuable Player)
Donal Schulz, District Chief, still active; Bruce Dupre retired as a Captain in 1986
from Engine 26; Milton Helmke retired as an Operator from Engine 18; Joe
Buras, Deputy Chief, still acative; Joe Rigny retired as a Captain from Engine 31,
now a department counsellor;  Eddie Austin retired as a Captain from the Flying
Squad; John Gallagher retired as a Captain from Ladder 5; Angelo Marchese
retired as a Provisional Chief, is a training chief with JPFD; Tony Labella retired
as a Firefighter from Engine 33;  Norvin Galliano retired as a District Chief 505
Plt 3 in the late 1970's; Terry Smith retired as a Captain from Engine 27 Plt 2 in
the early 1990's.

With much appreciation to Captain Donald Schulz and Captain David Ashburn
for sharing the names and information above.
Firemen's Cemetery, early 1900's
Watch Desk, Central Fire Station, 1957; shows new teletype receiver
and old alarm instruments about to be discarded
Dedication of new fire station at
Egania and N. Galvez Streets, 1958
Fire Company, early 1900's
Putting out a blaze on Canal Street, about 1905.
28 Mack 1944; in service at
Elysian Fields Avenue station, 1963
Engine 53, American LaFrance, 1922; kept at
Engine 4, Chef Menteur Hwy., 1963
New engines, Jeff Davis and Baudin, 1956
WPA "Summer Showers" Program:  During the summer months, twice a week, at 29 locations,
the WPA and local firemen sponsored "Summer Showers" for the children of New Orleans.  
Above left: "Anticipation" 1938;  Above right: Engine House 26, S. Broad, 1939
Engine 62, Ford LaFrance, 1944; kept in
Engine 35's quarters, N. Carrollton, 1963
This firehouse was built in 1841.
Fire Wagon, 1882
Canal Street, about 1917