Jesuit High School Class of 1949

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With thanks to Les Arbo for sharing this photograph, taken in October, 2007.
Jesuit Class of 1949

Sitting from left to right, first row:
Richard Deas, Lester Arbo, Harry Chapman, Richard Villarubia,
Anton Zanki, Victor Chisesi, James Cooke, Clifford Cantine, Gerald Griffith

Standing from left to right, second row:
Jack Long, Thomas Poole, George Groetsch, Edwin Stacy, Vincent Perez, Adrian Cordes, Allen
Porter, Frederick Bullinger, Edward Dewey, Edward Ryan, Dufour Woolfley, Bob Chaney, Donald
Ford, Cecil Murphy, Brother William Dardis, S.J., Roland Mestayer,
Fr. Anthony McGinn, S. J., President of Jesuit High School
With thanks to Fred Bullinger for sharing these photographs of the reunion in 2008.
Back Row: V. Joe Perez, Bill Deeves, Roland Mestayer, Les Arbo, Allen Porter,
Fr. Anthony McGinn, S. J., President of Jesuit High School

Middle Row: Jack Holohan, Ed Stacy, Joe Kaiser, Julian McVay, Harry Chapman, Ed Dewey, Tookie
Cantine, Victor Chisesi, Jimmy Cook, Richard Deas

Front Row: Welp, Cecil Murphy, Anton Zanki, Lloyd Woolley, Jack Long, Fred Bullinger, Gerald
Griffith, Ernest Conzelmann, Sidney Menard
Thanks to Fred Bullinger for sharing a newspaper clipping of the Class of
1949's Reunion, celebrating 60 years, held in August, 2009: