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McDonogh No. 16 School, Bourbon Street, early 1900's
McDonogh No. 17 School, Bienville Street, bet. Prieur and N. Johnson
McDonogh No. 19 School, 5900 St. Claude Avenue, ca. 1930;
below, current photo of same building.
Above is described as McDonogh No. 18 School, located between St. Louis and
Toulouse Streets.  The picture below is of McDonogh No. 18 on St. Ann Street.
Since both locations are in the French Quarter, could the above have been
the original No. 18 and the below the "new" No. 18 (constructed in the early
1900's)?  For more info on No. 18 on St. Ann Street, see link at bottom of page.
Photo below is thanks to Larie Tedesco.
McDonogh No. 19 School, Douglas and Tricou Streets, above, ca. 1890's.
Photo directly below:  I found the above building still standing.  I wasn't sure
where Douglas and Tricou Streets were, so I did a search in Google Earth and
found the old building still there -- abandoned and considerably the worse
for wear.  Very few of the original McDonogh buildings have survived and I
was surprised to see this one, especially when I realized that it was located
in a section of the Holy Cross neighborhood badly flooded during the levee
failures.  See photos below this one for the second McDonogh 19 building.
McDonogh No. 20 School, Jackson Avenue and Freret Street
McDonogh No. 22 School, Jackson Avenue and Chippawa Street;
served as high school prior to 1887.
McDonogh No. 23 School - this building served as the old Carrollton Courthouse from
1855-1874, before Carrollton was annexed by the city of N.O.; it served as McDonogh
No. 23 from 1889-1950; several years later, it was served as Ben Franklin School until 1990,
when they required more space and moved to the campus of UNO on the lakefront.
It is now Audubon Charter School, a New Orleans public school.  Photo below is current.
For more vintage photos of this school, see link at bottom of page.
McDonogh No. 24 School, located at Burdette, Adams and Pearl Streets, date unknown.
McDonogh No. 28, located at Esplanade Avenue and Grand Route St. John,
ca. 1890; below, No. 28, located 2700 block of Esplanade, ca. 1930's.
McDonogh No. 29 School, Upperline Street, bet. Chestnut and Coliseum Streets,
early 1900's;  below, current photos, same building, now condominiums
McDonogh No. 30, Gravier Street and South Miro, 1880's
McDonogh No. 35, Senior High School, 2400 Esplanade Avenue, 1925
Following is a list of all McDonogh Schools pubished in a 1958 New Orleans
directory.  Some may be in a different location than they were when the photos
on these pages were made.  The names/locations on these pages reflect the
time when the photo was taken.  Schools may have changed numbers or
locations before or after the photo (and again after the directory!).

John McDonogh High School, 2400 block Esplanade Avenue
McDonogh Senior High No. 35, 600 block S. Rampart Street
No. 6, 4800 block of Chestnut Street
No. 7, 1100 block of Milan Street
No. 9, 1600 block of N. Tonti Street
No. 10, 2400 block of Baronne Street
No. 11, 2000 block of Palmyra Street
No. 14, 1100 block of Jefferson Avenue
No. 15, 700 block of St. Philip Street
No. 16, 1800 block of St. Claude Avenue
No. 19, 5900 block of St. Claude Avenue
No. 24, 400 Adams Street
No. 28, 2700 block of Esplanade Avenue
No. 30, 200 block of Gravier Street
No. 31, 800 block of N. Rendon Street
No. 32, 800 block of DeArmas Street (Algiers)
No. 36, 2100 block of Freret Street
No. 37, 2000 block of Bienville Street
No. 38, 1300 block of Dryades Street
No. 39, 5800 block of St. Roch Avenue,
No. 40, 4300 block of Reynes Street
No. 41, 1100 block of St. Ann Street
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