New Orleans Family Photos:
The Tedesco - Klemm Family
Many thanks to Larie Tedesco for sharing these wonderful photographs.
Larie's father, Carlo (Charles) Tedesco, born 1904, and his sister Cosima (Cora)
Tedesco, born 1902; taken in New Orleans in about 1908-1909.  They were the children
of Italian immigrant Salvatore Tedesco, born Termini Imerese, Italy and Rosa Cristina,
born in New Orleans, but her parents were also immigrants, from Ustica, Italy.
Salvadore (Sal) Frank Klemm, born 1924, New Orleans, and Frank (Frankie) Joseph
Klemm, born 1925, New Orleans; taken in approximately 1929.  They are the sons of
Frank Peter Klemm and Cosima (Cora Agnes) Tedesco.
Grade 1, McDonogh #15 School, 721 St. Philip Street, New Orleans, LA, March 1953;
donated by Paul Tedesco (by the window in dark shirt).
Launching - Delta Shipbuilding Company; December 14, 1942; photo by Stewart; Hull Nos:
MCE  Delta 31; ship is listed on this
Naval Air Station; Lakefront, New Orleans, November, 1942;
arrow indicates Larie's father.
Naval Air Station; Lakefront, New Orleans, abt. 1942
Naval Air Station; Lakefront, New Orleans, abt. 1942
Above and below:  Funeral cards for Margaret Klemm and Frank J. Klemm,
who died in New Orleans, in 1924 and 1926, respectively.