King's Tavern
Natchez, MS
My G-Grandfather's Attic - Home

   In 1769, when the British established Fort Panmure, the first building constructed was the block house.  It was built with beams taken from scrapped sailing ships and flatboats, brought up from New Orleans by mule.  Sun dried bricks were, also, used in the building.  The British surrendered Fort Panmure to the Spanish in 1779.
   In 1789, while Natchez was still under Spanish rule, a man by the name of Richard King migrated to the area from New York.  He purchased the old block house and opened a tavern and inn there.  It was, also, the place where the mail delivered to Natchez was dropped off.  The inn was a popular place for boatmen and stage riders to spend the night.
   Richard King sold King's Tavern in 1817 and it became a private home.  It remained in the Postalwaith family for 150 years.  It was sold in 1973 and became a tavern and restaurant, using the name of King's Tavern, once again.
The old tavern in the 1920's
Above & below, King's Tavern as it looks today