"The Old Store"
Union Church
Jefferson County, MS
1840 - 2004
The "Old Store" sat across from Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery, in the
village of Union Church, for over 160 years.  I guess we'd all come to
believe it was indestructible, but that was not the case.  Fire destroyed the
historic building on September 8, 2004.

It meant a great deal to the people of the community and to those of us
whose ancestors and families had been a part of the community for so many
generations.  We are so very sad for its loss.
                       Nancy Brister
Rayford and Bertha Varnado, who
purchased the Old Store in 1973,
warm themselves by the stove, which
was still in use.
My son, Jim, sitting on the porch of the Old Store,
where his 3-g-grandparents shopped, on one of our
visits to Union Church.
The store was originally built by the
Cato family in 1840.