Dawkins, Osborne, Hamilton
Family Records

Virginia, North Carolina & Mississippi

Revolutionary War Pension Papers of John Dawkins

John Dawkins; widow: Susannah; Issued May 16, 1833; Act of June 7, 1832; at $22.50 per annum fro March 4, 1831; Service
rendered in North Carolina; Rank - Private; Application, August 2, 1831; Age 81/82; Residence at date of application: Richmond
County, NC.
 Served under Capt. Speed and Col. Medlock in Mounted Militia against the Indians for 3 months.  After his return, he served three
months under Col. Crawford.  He served as a Minute Man all during the Revolutionary War.  Martin D. Crawford, Clerk or Court,
deposed that the court approved or believed his statements.  John McAlister deposed that he saw
John Dawkins in service under
Capt. Wall.
John Dawkins deposed that he was born 1750 in Virginia; when an infant, moved to Randolph County, North Carolina,
thence to Richmond County, North Carolina.  Claim is allowed.  

Richmond County, NC Census:

John Dawkins
Samuel Dawkins
William Dawkins

Rockingham District:
Eli Dawkins, 40, Laborer, b. NC; Mary, 40, b. NC; Catherine, 20, b. NC; William, 16, Laborer, b. NC; Wesley, 14, b. NC;
   Elizabeth, 12, b. NC; Asariah (?), 8, b. NC; Holden (?), 6, b. NC; Lewis, 1, b. NC

Wyatt Dawkins, 32, Farmer, Property valued at $300; Mary, 35; Jane, 16; Tyreesh (?), 13; Charlotte, 10; Francis, 7; John, 6; Wyatt,
4;           Mary, 1 mo.
[All born NC]

Marth Dawkins, 60, b. NC; Peter, 24, Farmer, Property valued at $400, b. NC; Sarah Jackson, 19, b. NC

Allen Dawkins, 42, Farmer; Mary, 26,; Julia, 8; Abner, 7; Mary, 5; Stephen, 6 mos.
[All born NC] [Stephen was my g-grandfather.]

Next door to Allen: Sarah Dawkins, 31, Property valued at $600, b. NC; Henry, 8; Thomas, 6; Sarah, 5; Samuel, 4  [All born NC]

Sallie Dawkins, 26; John, 22, Laborer; Zillah (?), 20; Atlas, 19, Laborer; Richard, 18, Laborer; Elijah, 16, Laborer; Frances, 12 [All
born       NC]

Jesse Dawkins, 58, Farmer, Property valued at $100; b. NC; Effie, 60, b. Scotland; Sarah, 27, b. SC; John, 25, Tailor, b. SC; Jane, 23,
b.      SC; Ann, 5, b. SC

Black Jack District:
William Dawkins, 37, Farmer, Property valued at $370; Esteur (?), 37; Sarah, 12; Martha, 9; William, 6; Elizabeth, 3; James,
1;                        Washington Adams, 19, Laborer  
[All born NC]

Fair Ground District:
In the home of Wiley & Eliza Bounds: Susan Dawkins, 73, b. NC

In the home of Frances and Sarah Surgener: Warner Dawkins, Student, b. NC

Samuel Dawkins, 65, Farmer, Property valued at $250; Jane, 55; Agnes, 36; Jane, 25; Fanny, 22; Henry, 19; Samuel, 16  
[All born NC]

Next door to Samuel: Mary Dawkins, 30; Elizabeth, 11; Harrison, 8; Rachel, 6; John, 5  [All born NC]

Next door to Mary: John Dawkins, 28, Farmer; _inety, M, 21, Farmer   [All born NC]

George Dawkins, 49, Farmer; Sarah, 38; Elijah, 20, Laborer; William, 18, Laborer; Washington, 15; Caleb, 19; Sarah, 10;
      Masteru (?), 8; Samuel, 6; Martin, 4; Elizabeth, 2   
[All born NC]
Masteru (?) Dawkins, 37, Farmer; Isabella, 29; Catherine, 7; Sarah, 4; Samuel, 44, Laborer; William, 42; Delily (?), 75   [
All born NC]

1860: Steele's District:
George Dawkins

Richmond County, NC Marriage Bonds:

Louis Journagen m. Catherine McLane, Bondsman: Samuel Dawkins
Atlas Dawkins
m. Martha Dunn, 1/14/1853, Bondsman: R. S. McDonald
Wm. Dawkins m. Mary Ann Priest, 11/29/1854, Bondsman: Elijah A. Dawkins; Witness: B. H. Knight, Dpty.  

Richmond County, NC Court Minutes:

12/12/1804, Thomas Pollard vs. Hardy Stephens; juror: Samuel Dawkins, Jr.
12/11/1805, ordered that the following men work on the road from Webb's Ferry to the cross road at
   Mrs. Williams:
Micajah Dawkins
3/1806, Mary Overstreet vs. Moses Knight; juror: John Dawkins

Richmond County, NC Slave Records:

October 13, 1821; investigation into the murder, by stabbing, of Ned, slave of Israel Watkins, by Burgess,
   slave of Elijah Thomas; witness:
Henry Dawkins
January 17, 1861; State vs. Alex, slave of Stephen W. Covington, charged with murder; Coroner's Jury:
William Dawkins


Richmond Co. Court Records:

1823: Men assigned to lay off and allot dower of Sarah McPherson:
Samuel Dawkins, John McKinnon, Issac Yates, James Yates, Daniel mcSween, D. McLeod, Daniel Campbell, John McLauchlin,
Murdock McKinnon, Peter Martin, Alex. Douglas, Moses Knight, John Haley, David Britt

1842:  Superior Court of Law and Equity; Petition of
Allen Dawkins against Eliza Dawkins, his wife, humbly complaining, sheweth
unto your Honor, that your petitioner intermarried with the Defendant,
Eliza Dawkins, sometime in the year of our lord 1835, or
thereabouts.  That he lived with her, supporting, cherishing and protecting her, and in peace and harmony, until about six weeks
after they were married.  That about the period last mentioned said
Eliza Dawkins departed from his home and went to her father's,
Samuel Dawkins, without any cause or provocation known to your petitioner.  There remaining, studiously avoiding an interview
with your petitioner and refusing to return, notwithstanding the frequent and repeated efforts of your petitioner to get her so to do.  
That she started with her father to Alabama and, as your petitioner is informed and believes, was married in Cheraw, SC, to a man
by the name of John Hall, with whom she lived in adultery.  That her father, after the marriage of his daughter to said Hall, returned
to this County and remained a year, during which time the said
Eliza Dawkins, as your petitioner is informed, left her second
husband (Hall) and came back to her father's house.  After her arrival in this County, her father again started to Alabama, carrying
with him your petitioner's wife,
Eliza Dawkins.  When in that country, your petitioner understands and verily believes, she was
married again (the third time) to a man whose name your petitioner has forgotten.  That some time in January, 1841, her father,
Samuel Dawkins, returned to this State, bringing with him Eliza Dawkins.......Your petitioner therefore prays your Honor to grant him
such other and further relief, as the nature of the case may require. May it please your Honor to grant your petitioner the States
Writ of Subpoena, empowering the Clerk of our Court to issue a copy of this Petition and Subpoena as prayed for and as in duty
bound, your petitioner will ever pray.  Francis A. Terry, for Petitioner.  Sworn to before me, Elisha T. Long, J. P.

1853:  Thomas Gibson, Admin. of Warner Chance, Sr., deceased, left as surviving heirs:  Samuel, Elijah, Nelson, Benj., Richard,
Warner, Wm. and Agnes Chance, who intermarried with William Snead, Nancy Gibson; Harriet Chance, who intermarried with
James Watson; the children of Elizabeth Chance, deceased, who had intermarried with
John Dawkins, Abijah Dawkins, Sally
Dawkins, John Dawkins, Fanny Dawkins, Aaron Dawkins and Atlas Dawkins
; and the children of Sarah Chance, who intermarried
with Joseph Smith, Rachel Smith, Charles Smith, Thomas Smith, Agnes Smith, Jane Smith and Sarah Ann Smith; and Warner
Chance, son of Dorry Chance; children and heirs at law of the said Warner Chance, Senior.  That the decedent died possessed of
460 acres in Richmond County, adjoining the lands of Frank Surgenor and
John Dawkins.......necessary to sell in order to pay
indebtedness.......that Samuel Chance, Nelson Chance, Nancy Gibson and Warner Chance, son of Dorry, reside beyond the limits of
this State; and that
Aaron Dawkins, Warner Dawkins, and Fanny Dawkins, Rachel Smith, Charles Smith, Thomas Smith, Agnes
Smith, Jane Smith, Sarah Ann Smith and Warner Chance, son of Dorry, are infants of tender years without any regularly appointed
guardian.  John Worthy Cameron, Sol Pro Petitioner.  M. L. Douglas is appointed guardian Ad litem to the
Dawkins Children, the
Smith Children and Warner Chance, son of Dorry.

1854:  Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions appointed jurors for the Fall Term for the Superior Court of Law and Equity, to be held at
the Courthouse in Rockingham:
Asa Dawkins, Archibald McCormick, Allen McCaskill, Richmond Yates, John C. Stewart, John L.
McColl, John M. Covington, James McPherson, Elisha t. Long, John A. Morrison, Sanders M. Ingraham, Duncan Campbell, Mitchell
Webb, John W. Thomas, N. T. Bowdon, Peter McLean, Culliver Britt, Jr., Daniel Stewart, Daniel McKay, Benj. Covington, Daniel
McKinnon, Clinton Lisk, Samuel Gibson, Simeon McLean, Daniel McIntyre, Isaac McLendon, Dougald McLaurin, Joseph McMillan,
Duncan McIntyre, Tho. M. Wright, Sandburn McKeither, Elijah C. Everette, Charles Stewart, John Covington, James P. Covington,
Selvis R. Thomas, John r. McLeod, Wiley H. Covington, Archibald Priest, Daniel mcIntyre, Thomas Covington, James Northam, Green
d. Tyson and Charles C. Terry, CCC Louis H. Webb, Deputy Wm. Buchanan, Sheriff.

Two letters written during the Civil War by Martin R. McDonald, were found among
Richmond County Court Records at NC Dept. of Archives and History:
  "My Dear Brother,  This morning finds me enjoying very good health.  I have nothing new to write you, the same routine of drawing
rations, cooking and eating them is our daily business.  When we look out, we see nothing but ice, all the time.  The weather has
moderataed and is now quite pleasant.  It reminds me very much of my own Spring mornings, only we do not hear the birds
singing.  There was a lot of prisoners sent from here week before last, about 320 men.  They went to Point Lookout (MD).  They
have reached their destination safely and are well pleased with the change.  There is nothing said about sending off any more.  
William Covington was one of the number.  Ugley Daniel's son, James Chappell, is in good health.  Let me know whether our old
neighbor Walter Lovin does not live in this State and his address and I will let him know of the death of his father and
brother-in-law.  Give my love to Judah and the children and my sisters.  Do the best you can to keep things moving.  Let me know
how the girls are doing and what arrangements they had made for this year.  Give my regards to Starling Gibson
[son of William and
Mary Dawkins Gibson, married Mary Lovin], M. D. Bethune, Dr. McFadgyen and all my old neighbors.  Tell Uncle Nat and Riley
"Howdy."  Your Brother, Martin R. McDonald"

DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years in Hedgecock Free School District, County of Richmond:
Martha Dawkins, Catharine Dawkins, William Dawkins, Wiley Dawkins, Walter Dawkins, John W. Dawkins

1852:  DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years attending school, County of Richmond (district unknown):
 Henry Dawkins, Jane Dawkins, Elijah Dawkins, Samuel Dawkins, William Dawkins, Elizabeth Dawkins, George W. Dawkins,
Frances Dawkins

1853:  DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years in Hedgecock District, County of Richmond:
 Richard Dawkins, Rebecca Dawkins, Abner Dawkins, Julia H. Dawkins, Stephen Dawkins, Mary Jane Dawkins, Jane Dawkins,
Wiley Dawkins, Susan Dawkins

1854:  DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years in Hedgecock District, County of Richmond:
 Wiley Dawkins, Fanny Dawkins, Rebecca Dawkins, Richard Dawkins, John Dawkins, Jane Dawkins, Martha Dawkins, Wiatt
Dawkins, Tyresa Dawkins, Jane Dawkins, Charlotia Dawkins, Susan Dawkins

1857:  Election held in the Beaverdam or 24th District:  We, the undersigned managers, certify the following to be a true statement
of all the votes given in the Beaverdam District on April 4th.
Asa Dawkins, Richard Dawkins, Warner Dawkins, Atlas J. Dawkins, Neal L. Currie, John Thrower, Wm. Wallace, Malcom
Currie, Wiley Bounds, Dempsey Gibson, Hector B. Currie

DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years in Beaverdam or 24th District;
  (School Committee:  
Asa Dawkins, Hugh McLean, Wiley Bounds)
Frances Dawkins, Sarah J. Dawkins

1858:  DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years in District 37, County of Richmond:
 Comodore Jefferson Dawkins, Sarah Jane Dawkins

1860:  DAWKINS children above 5 and under 21 years in District 37, County of Richmond:
Jincy Dawkins, Sarah Dawkins

1861:  DAWKINS children above 6 and under 20 years in District 42, County of Richmond:
 Comodore P. Dawkins, Jincy Dawkins, Sarah J. Dawkins,

1871:  Names of parents and number of children (district unknown):
 J. H. Dawkins:  1;  John F. Dawkins:  2;  John W. Dawkins:  5; Bishop Dun: 2; Walter Dunn: 1; H. B. Currie: 2; J. W. McLean: 8; John D.
Lovin: 2; J. T. McLeod: 4; Nelson Gibson: 3; N. T. Currie: 2; T. F. Gibson: 4; Luke Gibson: 4; J. P. Harris: 2; M. M. Chance: 7; Jessie
Austin: 1; M. A. Currie: 3

DAWKINS parents and number of children, Beaverdam School District, County of Richmond:
Warner Dawkins:  2;  Atlas J. Dawkins:  5;  Sarah Dawkins:  1;  Wm. Dawkins:  3

Richmond County Testators:
 Eli Dawkins, 1884
Samuel Dawkins, 1850

Richmond County, NC Dawkins Confederate Soldiers:

A.;  72nd Regiment
Abner;  5th Battalion
A. G.;  38th Regiment, died
Elijah;  38th regiment
George;  52nd Regiment, born Richmond Co., enlisted New Hanover Co. at 37 on 3/14/1862
H. W.;  38th Regiment
John;  38th Regiment
John. J.;  38th Regiment
John W.;  23rd Regiment, wounded
Richard;  33rd Regiment
Richard;  38th Regiment
Richard;  5th Battalion
Samuel;  38th Regiment
S. B.; born Richmond Co., enlisted New Hanover Co. at 26, on 3/14/1862, served in 52nd Regiment, died
   Drewry Bluff, VA, 8/10/1862
Walter;  5th Battalion
Warner;  32nd Regiment
Wiley J.;  5th Battalion
William B.;  5th Battalion
Richmond County, NC; William Ussery's Account Book, 1854 - 1871:

1/14/1854, Charge to Estate of Washington Dawkins; 1 small coffin;  3.00  [Washington Dawkins,
    12/1826-11/1853, married Nancy McRae, 1830-10/1866]
11/30/1854, Charge to James; coffin for Wiley Webb; hire Ely Dawkins to dig grave and carry out corpse;
[Eli Dawkins, 10/1806-11/1884, married Mary "Polly" Terry, 1806-9/1871]

Dawkins Buried in Richmond County, NC Cemeteries:

A. W., 1843 - 6/1/1875, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Asa, d. 2/20/1884 (?), Dawkins Cemetery #2
C. Perry, 5/26/1851 - 1/31/1929, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Catherine, 7/22/1832 - 12/28/1913, dau. of Eli & Polly, Dawkins Cemetery
Daniel B., 4/24/1877 - 7/31/1897, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Edna, 2/14/1814 - 1/8/1883, wife of W. D. Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery #1
Eli, 10/23/1806 - 11/14/1884, Dawkins Cemetery
Eliza C., 2/11/1856 - 10/19/1927 (?), wife of J. W. Dawkins, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Elizabeth, 9/21/1847 - 4/15/1885, dau. of W. D. & Edna, Dawkins Cemetery #1
Ella, 8/8/1878 (?) - 8/21/1901, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Elmira Edna, 6/21/1887 - 8/21/1887, dau. of J. T. & M., Dawkins Cemetery #1
Esther May, 9/30/1892 - 9/30/1892, dau. of C. P. & M. E., Green Lake Church Cemetery
Francis J., d. 5/3/1882, wife of Richard Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Gladys Aline, 1/2/1921 - 1/4/1921, dau. of E. C. & Annie
Holden, 7/22/1846 - 5/13/1884, Dawkins Cemetery
Irene, b. 10/10/1899, wife of J. R. Dawkins, Green Lake Church Cemetery
J. T., 9/23/1850 - 12/31/1923, Dawkins Cemetery #1
J. W., d. 4/6/1882,  Dawkins Cemetery
John H., 12/20/1856 (?) - 4/25/1926 (?), Green Lake Church Cemetery
John P., 10/31/1895 - 5/6/1929, Green Lake Church Cemetery
John W., 5/31/1854 - 7/14/1911, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Lewis Thomas, 7/17/1848 - 4/24/1927, Dawkins Cemetery
Lucy C., 6/24/1851 - 3/16/1932, wife of Wm. B. Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery #1
Madora, 5/18/1854 - 2/9/1924, wife of J. T. Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery #1
Maggie, 10/6/1886 - 9/11/1930, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Martha E., 4/15/1855 - 4/20/1900, wife of C. P. Dawkins, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Mary, 8/29/1840 - 2/4/1912, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Nancy J. (McRae), 1830 - 10/6/1866,  wife of Washington Dawkins, b. Long Dairy Place
Nancy (possibly 'Mandy'), d. 8/17/1860, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Parthens, 4/22/1807 - 9/15/1835, dau. of Wm. & Ermin LeGrand, wife of Wm. Dawkins, Baldwin-LeGrand Cem.
Penelope, 6/5/1864 - 1/26/1920, wife of J. F. Dawkins, Green Lake Church Cemetery
Polly (Terry), 1806 - 9/2/1871, wife of Eli Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery
Rebecca,  Dawkins Cemetery #2
Richard, Sr., d. 2/19/1884 (?), Dawkins Cemetery #2
Sarah, 7/1/1844 - 5/12/1922, wife of W. W. Dawkins, Old East Side Cemetery, Rockingham
Susan, d. 9/22/1860, Dawkins Cemetery #2
W. D., 1813 - 10/1/1903, Dawkins Cemetery #1
W. S., 9/19/1862 - 6/13/1909, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Walter, 7/19/1887 - 3/30/1890, son of W. S. & E. Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Walter, 8/28/1828 - 12/14/1901, Dawkins Cemetery #2
Washington, 12/7/1826 - 11/15/1853, b. Long Dairy Place
Wiley, 12/2/1835 - 4/26/1914, Old East Side Cemetery, Rockingham
William B., 10/8/1845 - 2/3/1931, Dawkins Cemetery #1
William, 1/22/1883 - 7/3/1911, son of Eli & Polly Dawkins, Dawkins Cemetery
Willie, 8/6/1875 - 9/22/1887, son of W. W. & S. A. Dawkins, Old East Side Cemetery, Rockingham

To see Dawkins buried in Union Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS Click Here

Early Inhabitants of the Natchez District; English Land Grants in Mississippi,
Samuel Osbourn, July 22, 1769

Natchez Court Records
 1777.  Samuel Osborn, listed in book of Debits/Credits in an estate case.

11/24/1781. On notice received of the death of
Samuel Osborn, residing in this District on Cole's Creek, Commandant appointed
e Osborn, his widow, as guardian of their four children: Samuel, 11, "Bud" [later listed as "Boyd"] 8, Sarah, 6, and "Buldah," 4
and of the child yet to be bo
rn [at the time of her death in 1784, only the 4 children named survived].  Wit.: Isaac Johnson, Josiah
Flower, Philip Pleasant Turpin.  Earl Douglass and James Simmons apptd. appraisers.  Inventory; household goods, tools and
utensils, slaves (2), animals.  Tract of 300 arpents at Cole's Creek, bounded by land of Jeremiah Routh on one side and by
Jeremiah Bryan, four houses, with parks and enclosures, orchard and garden $300. (Note: The second son is called "Boyd.")  
Debts outstanding: the said widow declares that there is an account in favor of the estate against Thaddeus Lyman in the hand of
Don Juan de Villebeuvre, of which she does not recollect the amount; an account of $50 against James Ellison, which he
acknowledges; acct. of $43 agst. Thomas James; $19 John Bloomart.  Total appraisal, $2,123.  19 Jan. 1782.  Widow
, Jane Osborn,
requested that the whole of the estate of her late husband, Samuel Osborn, as contained and described in inventory many be
allowed and adjudged to her for the amount of the appraisement, which was allowed and she to give good and sufficient security
for such part as may be inherited by the children from their late father.
James Truly voluntarily offered himself as joint surety of the widow
Jane Osborn for the whole estate, not only for any losses or
damage occurring to the said estate of the children, but also if the same should be destroyed or carried off by the Indians.

  1/28/1783.  Personally appeared Peter Hawkins, resident of thie District, who sells to
Widow Jane Osborn a negro woman named
"Mary" of the Senegal Nation, and a daughter, named "Emelia" aged about 5 months, for $450, which the said widow has engaged
to pay at two terms, 2500 pounds of pork at this time and as the 2nd payment, 1/1/1783, the balance in pork and tobacco in equal
quantities, at the current prices thereof, for such is the agreement of the parties.  Wit.:  Isaac Johnson and James Truly.  Charles
de Grandpre.  Receipt of Peter Hawkins for $250 acct of sale of negro woman and child, for which sum he fully releases the
, 1/28/1783.  Before Grandpre.

  12/28/1784.  Notice received of the death of
Joanna Osborn [in all other records name listed as 'Jane'], widow of late Samuel
and, since, wife of Elijah Routh, said Joanna died at Cole's Creek and left 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters, lawful issue
by her first marriage, the boys
, Samuel and Boyd, one 14 and the other 11; the daughters, Sarah and Buldah.  Curators appointed:
Isaac Johnson and James Truly, of District, who accepted the charge.  Appraisers of above estate Richard Harrison and John
Burnet, both residents and planters of said District, who accepted.  1/1/1785.  Inventory and appraised $2435.  Nothing more being
found on account of Elijah Routh, last husband of the decease
d Joanna Osborn, having absconded on 26 of last month, taking two
, Samuel and Boyd, three slaves and seven horses and sundry other effects, belonging to the four minors.  Signed, James
Truly and Isaac Johnson.  Wit.: John Burnet, John Joseph Rodriguez.

  2/7/1785.  Elijah Routh vs. the estate of
Samuel Osborn.  Elijah Routh represents that since the death of his wife, who was before
the widow of
Osborn, the property belonging to your petitioner has been inventoried with the estate of Samuel Osborn, deceased.  
Asks that a negro wench, two horses, a number of cows and hogs, and household furniture inserted in said inventory belonging to
your petitioner and not the said estate.

  9/18/1789.  James Elliot to Don Manuel Gayoso de Lemos, 350 arpents on Cole's Creek, by lands of Adam Bingman, William Smith,
Cato West and William Ford Banks, which said land was mortgaged to Thomas Wilkins with whose consent I now sell the same for
$2000 (Mexican) paid in an order on the Royal Treasury; said tract having been purchased at the public sale of estate of

  3/24/1804.  Claimant: Samuel Osborn [likely the son of above Samuel].  Wit.: Caleb Potter.  Certificate D-20 issued September 14,
, Samuel Osborn, a citizen of the Miss. Terr., Jefferson Co., claims the right of preference in the purchase of 67 acres of land
in said county, on the Mississippi river.  The abovenamed
Samuel Osborn did actually inhabit and cultivate the aforesaid tract prior
to and on the 3rd March 1803, he being at that time above the age of 21 years and the head of a family. (Signed)
Samuel Osborn.

  3/24/1804.  Claimant: Henry Platner.  Wit.: Samuel Osborn

  3/24/1804.  Claimant: Caleb Potter. Wit.: Samuel Osborn.

  3/24/1804.  Claimant: John Maylone. Wit.: Samuel Osborn.

Claiborne County, MS Deeds

2/7/1813; Joseph and Peggy McRaven and John Norton, all of Claiborne County, MS Territory, to John W. Hamilton and James Hart,
both of TN, for $3,000, 500acres adjoining Indian boundary line, known as Smith's Old Stand or Red Bluffs, certificate issued to
William Smith as preemption claim.  Witnesses: John B. Willis,
Noble Osborn, L. D. Carson

Tensas Parish, LA Land Records, 1837:

William Wayne Osborne;  section: 49;  township: 13.0 N;  Range:  13.0E;  Meridian: 18;  total acres:  108.51;  Sign Date:  6/15/1837

Tensas Parish, LA 1850 Mortality Schedule
Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1850, in Western Distric in Tensas Parish, LA:
William Osborn, age 9, male, August, Born - LA, Cause of death:  Inflamation-Brain

Tensas Parish, LA 1860 Federal Census:
St. Joseph, LA    [notation on census 'Waterproof with St. Joseph written in margin']
W. W. Osborne, 33, Manager, Property: $3,500; born MS     [my 2-g-grandparents, Wm. and Mary Osborne]
Mary M., 30; born MS
Martha, 8; born MS
Elizabeth J., 6; born MS
Ella S., 11; born MS   
[this should read, 'b. LA--my g-grandmother was born in Waterproof, Tensas Parish, LA]
Fuonia, 11 months; born LA
Maulda Osborne, 56, born GA    
[I have William's mother's name as 'Matilda']

Tensas Parish, LA Property Owners, 1899:
Bobby Osborne
Robert B. Osborn, Sr.
Ruby Osborne Alexander

Tensas Parish, LA Civil War Roster
Roster of The Tensas Cavalry, mustered into the Confederate Service at Memphis, TN, August 29, 1861;
information given by Maj. E. s. McCall:
James C. Osborne

Louisiana Confederate Pension Applications Index:
Carrie (David) Osborne
Napoleon B. Osborne
Mrs. William Osborne
Billie Osborn
Mrs. Clark Osborn
Rachael Osborn

Tensas Parish, LA Osborne Marriages:
Sarah Ann Osborne m.  Samuel W. Thomas; 12/8/1852
Ichabod S. Osborn m.  Bertha G. Howard; 12/11/1872     

Claiborne County, MS Osborne Marriage Bonds
5/11/1817; Mary Osborn  m.  Samuel SMITH of Choctaw Agency; surety: Joseph Moore   
Samuel H. Osborne m.  Sarah Ann WALKER
Jefferson County, MS Osborne Marriages
Mary   m.   John HUNT, 1825
Elizabeth A.   m.   George W. JOHNSON, 1846
Huldah   m.   Moses NORMAN, 1819
John m.   Matilda IVY, 1816
Lizzie  m.   John W. BAILEY, 1900
Louisiana  m.   James H. HARRELL, 1848
Martha A. m.   E. M. KNAPP, 1869
Mary Jane   m.   Robert HAMILTON
Samuel D.
m.   Katie NEWMAN, 1879
William m.   Viola BUIE, 1882
William W.   m.   Mary Jane BALDRIDGE, 12/19/1849
Willie Ivie m.   J. M.  WATSON, 1884
J. C.   m.   Jimmie R. BOWEN, 12/11/1884
Levina  m.   Jesse W. EVANS, 1/29/1834
Mary Anne  m.   John HUNT, 1825
Thomas m.   Levina J. FOREMAN, 12/17/1830


Adelaide m.   Andrew T. WOLFE, 1865
Lucy A.   m.   T. J. SIMS, 1866
Josie  m.   James Y. CLARK, 1869
Malinda   m.   David LLOYD, 1870
Margaret E. m.   W. A. JONES, 1859
Oziah m.   Mrs. Mary BAGGETT, 1859

From a Brookhaven, MS Newspaper

Pearly Freeman, the husband of Mary Ella King Freeman (Mary Ella is the daughter of William Winston and Mary Caroline Hamilton
; Mary Caroline is the daughter of Robert and Mary Osborn Hamilton) was shot and killed by his son.  They were out in the field,
opening up some ditches, when Pearly saw a rabbit.  He called to his son and, as the boy turned to look, the gun went off and shot
his father.  He lived about four hours.

The aged Veteran, Mr. Wince King, 88, was buried at Ben Salem on Monday, just three weeks after the funeral of his wife.  The
family lived 3 miles west of Caseyville and Messers. Bob, Jim and Sam King mourn deeply the death of their parents.  Dr. C. W.
Grafton officiated at the funeral.
The family had lived in Allen, RFD #1, Copiah Count
y [about 10 miles up Hwy 28 from Union Church].  Notes: Wince King's wife was
Mary Hamilton.
Mr. King had lost his left eye in the Battle of the Wilderness in the Civil War and, by the time he applied for a pension,
he had become totally blind.

[I don't know the date of the following articel, but it was apparently around the turn of the century.  This article concerns John
James King, son of William Winston and
Mary Hamilton King.  He was born in 1871 in Allen, Copiah County, MS and died on
December 26, 1934 in Lincoln County and buried in Ben Salem Presbyterian Church Cemeteery.  He married Irene Ferguson.]

...............According to eyewitness, of which there were a number, when the party [who was coming home from a prayer meeting]
reached Mr. Beacham's front lot gate and were going in, Jim King and Prentiss Easterling, two young men of the neighborhood,
rode up and King called to Mr. Bufkin that he wanted to see him in regard to a difficulty a few days previous between a small son of
Bufkin and a little brother of King, at the time of which, Bufkin was reported as reprimanding the King boy.  As soon as Bufkin
turned and advanced to meet king, who had meantime dismounted from his mule, the latter opened fire on him with a pistol.  He
received two deadly wounds in the breast, when he turned to retreat and was followed by King and shot several times more in the
back.  It is alledged that as soon as Bufkin started to retreat, young Easterling drew his pistol and began shooting from his horse in
the road.  The whole shocking affair took place in full view of Bufkin's children, Mrs. Beacham and several other.  When reached by
Mr. Godbold and others, immediately after the shooting, Mr. Bufkin was leaning against the fence in a dying condition.  He never
spoke after being shot, and expired a short while after being carried into the house.
Bufkin, who was a peaceable and respected citizen of the Caseyville community, had taken a leading part in the prayer meeting at
the church and among other things, asserted during his remarks, that there was nothing he so much desired as to be right and do
 King and Easterling have surrendered to the authorites since the killing and are now in jail.  It is learned that King will undertake to
justify himself by pleading that Bufkin was attempting to strike him with a walking stick he carried, while young Easterling will
plead that he did not participate in the shooting at all.
 Hon. A. C. McNair and Messrs. Cassedy and Cassedy have been retained for the defence and Messrs. Chrisman and Brennan and
Hon. R. N. Miller have been employed to prosecute.  The preliminary trial will be held before Justice Bartlett Smith next Wednesday.
Sometime later:
 The trial of Jim King for the murder of Joseph Bufkin at Caseyville last October, consumed three days and was not given to the
jury until late Thursday night.  This seemed to be regarded as a kind of test case, a test as to whether or not there was enough of
virility and love of law and justice left in the people of Lincoln county, to convict and hang a white man for killing in cold blood one of
his fellows.  During the trial the large courtroom was crowded as we have never seen it, before by people of all classes, including a
large number of ladies, manifestting the deep interest felt in the outcome of the issue which had been joined.  The case was
elaborately argued by counsel on both sides.  The speeches of the lawyers began about half after 7 Wednesday evening and the
last one was not finished until 9 p.m. Thursday night.
 On the side of the prosecution, speeches were made by Charles Chrisman, Esq., District Attorney Greaves and Hon. R. N. Miller,
and for the defence, by Messrs. H. Cassedy, Jr., A. c. McNair and Judge Cassedy.   The closing speech in the case was made by Mr.
Miller, and was one of great power and clearness.  A packed audience gathered to hear this celebrated criminal lawyer, who
appeared for the first time before a jury in a murder trial in Lincoln County, and hundreds were captivated by his eloquence, tact
and knowledge of the law.
 Friday norning the case of Prentiss Easterling, also charged with the murder of Bufkin, was taken up.  As Easterling and King had
been indicted jointly and the jury in the King case was still out when Easterling's case was taken up, it became necessary to send
to the jury room for the joint indictment before the trial could proceed.  This was made the ground for an exception by counsel for
King and Easterling.  The trial was concluded Tuesday night at 9 p.m. after an able closing speech by lawyer Brady.
[James King was apparently found guilty, however, my friend and fellow researcher, Willie King, who shared
all of the above newspaper articles with me, writes a note to accompany this one, saying that James King was
not hung, but was given a pardon.]

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