A volunteer at the Huntsville, Texas Public Library contacted me after visiting my web
pages about Union Church Presbyterian Church in Jefferson County, Mississippi.  She
was working on the library's Catherine "Kattie" Cato Allen file.  Mrs. Allen had been born
in Union Church, had attended Union Church Presbyterian and she and her siblings
had been baptized by long-time minister, Rev. C. W. Grafton.   At some point, her family
migrated to Texas, which is how her collection came to be donated to the Huntsville Library.
"Forty-three Year Pastorate
in a
Country Church"
by Rev. C. W. Grafton, D. D.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church in the U. S.
Union Church Presbyterian Church
A booklet written by Dr. Grafton in 1916, "43 Year Pastorate in a Country Church," was among
Mrs. Allen's papers.  Dr. Grafton remained pastor of both Union Church and Bensalem Church
for many years after the booklet was written, until his death in 1934 -- an amazing 61 years.
Someone told me he still held the state record for a minister's length of time at a church.
Union Church Presbyterian Church, 1928, from the Catherine Cato Allen Collection, Huntsville Public Library.
The booklet would be interesting, I believe, even to someone who has no association
with Jefferson County.  It provides a detailed account of the life of a country minister in
the late 1800's-early 1900's.  People with ancestors from the area will find some family
names included in the pages.
Catherine Cato Allen's collection is housed in the Huntsville Public Library.
The library volunteer has kindly scanned and shared this collection with me.
In addition to the booklet, it contains several letters concerning Union Church and
the Cato family.  To view Dr. Grafton's booklet, click on the page links below.  --
Dr. Grafton was a respected and celebrated figure throughout the state and beyond,
once serving as the moderator of the U.S. General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.
Perhaps even more impressive to fans of mystery novels is the fact that Sue Grafton,
well-known author, is Dr. Grafton's g-granddaughter.
Above, the tombstone of Dr. C. W. Grafton, 1846-1934;
right, the tombstone of the 'first' Sue Grafton: Sue Doak
Grafton, d. 1885, aged 37 years.  Union Church
Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Union Church, MS.
Forty-three Year Pastorate in a Country Church
by Dr. C. W. Grafton, published 1916
You'll find several pages devoted to Union Church, as well as pages of U.C. Presbyterian Church
records, on the home page of this site, listed under the heading of Jefferson County, MS.

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