My Yancey Family and
"The Richmond Blues"

CSA Richmond Light Infantry Blues, 46th VA Inf, Co. A
These are members of the 46th VA Inf, Co. A, "Wise's Legion" in a water color drawn by one of
their fellow soldiers, somewhere in Virginia, during the war.  They are pictured, left to right:  
W. D. SNEAD;  Charles EPPS;  William SOUTHALL;  William TYREE;
Francis YANCEY;  Robert CARTER
Francis Yancey is a relative on my G-Grandmther Mary Garmon Cain's branch of the tree (her
uncle).  I have reason to believe that her grandfather, Matthew YANCEY, was, also, in this
company, based on anecdotal family history, but I haven't found the proof yet.  While Francis
lived through the war, Matthew YANCEY was killed and is buried in a cemetery in Virginia, but I
don't know which one.
The captions above the men read:
"I've been eating this bacon so long that I feel as if I had hog bristles growing all over me."
Epps:  "The first man that I catch washing himself with this water, I break his head."
Southall:  "Talk about your making biscuits, I bet there is no man that can get ahead of these."
Yancey: "No, and there is no man that can get ahead of you eating them."
Tyree:  "I don't think this kettle will hold enough coffee for us six."
Carter:  "I think I must go and see the doctor for a discharge, I must have the palpitation of the
heart, my pulse beats about 240 to the minute."

Amazingly, all of these men survived the war.
Richmond Light Infantry Blue Armory
Richmond, VA
My g-grandmother, Mary Garmon Cain,
Matthew Yancey's granddaughter
~  ~  ~

According to the book, "A Famous Command: The Richmond Light Infantry Blues"
by Col. John Cutchins, the Richmond Blues were commissioned in 1789.