The Families of my G-G-G-Grandparents,
Benajah and Ferriba Stringer Warren
England/Virginia/North Carolina/Georgia/Mississippi
Benajah and Ferriba STRINGER WARREN left their home in Montgomery County, Georgia, in
about 1820, to come to the newly opening Mississippi Territory.  They settled in Jefferson
County, in the southwest corner of Mississippi.  My g-g-grandmother, Abba Ann WARREN
GARRETT, was their daughter.  (To see a photo of my g-g-grandmother, Abba, go to
Old Garrett
Family Photos Page.
   It took quite awhile to put the pieces of Abba Ann's puzzle together.  Even after I identified her
to be the daughter of Benajah and Ferriba, I still had the problem of connecting them to the
Warren and Stringer families of Montgomery County, Georgia.  The reason for this was that their
names had been misspelled on the marriage record in Montgomery County.  Benajah was labeled
"Benjamin" and, though I've been told that in those days the two names were interchangeable,
this complicated matters because Benajah Warren had a cousin of his generation who was
named Benjamin.  Also, the Warren and Stringer researchers whose work I saw, didn't know what
had become of Benajah or Ferriba.....so no one before me had tied the familes together in any
    My first breakthrough came because of the work of a researcher in Jefferson County, MS, by
the name of Ann Brown, who has published Cemetery Surveys for Jefferson County and has
been successful in tracking down many abandoned cemeteries in that county.  One of those
cemeteries was the Warren Cemetery where my g-g-g-grandparents, Benajah and Ferriba, were
buried.  The dates on their stones proved who they were, so that I could say with confidence that
Benajah was the son of Josiah and Nancy DOTY WARREN and Ferriba was the daughter of Noah
and Celia Ann WARNER STRINGER, of Montgomery County, Georgia (later, Lawrence Co., MS).
    Because of this (and later, records I found in Benajah's probate records in Jefferson County) I
came to know that Benajah's mother was a descendant of Edward DOTY of
The Mayflower.  This
was quite a surprise, because all along, I'd been searching for a connection of my WARRENS to
Richard WARREN of
The Mayflower, which goes to show. you never can tell!
 Once I found this connection, the hardest part was done, because several extremely dedicated
Warren and Stringer researchers have done exhaustive work on these lines.
Ferriba's Parents:

Noah Stringer (John 3, John 2, Daniel 1) was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina in 1760 and
died in Lawrence County, Mississippi in1836.  He married
Celia Ann WARNER in Georgia.
    Children of Noah and Celia Ann Striner:
Abel Stringer, b. April 23, 1788, Edgecombe County, North Carolina; d. 1854, Franklin
                  County, Mississippi; married:
Nancy Warren (sister of Ferriba's husband, Benajah Warren)
                   in Montgomery County, GA.
Abea Stringer, b. November 5, 1789 (I've wondered if 'Abea' should read 'Abba' which was my
                   g-g-grandmorther's name).
Ferriba Stringer, my g-g-g-grandmother (Ferriba is found spelled in a number of different ways
                   by various researchers, this spelling was found on Benajah's probate and guardianship
                   papers and her name is, also, spelled this way on her tombstone.)  b. May 7, 1791;
                   d. August 16, 1866, Jefferson County, Mississippi; married
Benajah Warren in
                   Montgomery County, Georgia, on May 6, 1810.
Daniel Stringer, b. September 1, 1798.
Elizabeth Stringer, b. June 3, 1801; d. 1840, Lawrence County, Mississippi
John Stringer, b. January 10, 1804
Noah Stringer, Jr., b. October 12, 1807, d. bef. 1833, probably in Monroe County, Mississippi
Nancy Stringer, b. November 6, 1809, Georgia
Eliza Stringer, b. March 1, 1811

My G-Grandfather's Attic - Home
Benajah's Parents:

Josiah Warren, my 4-g-grandfather, was the son of Hinchey and Rachel Anderson Warren.  He was
born on February 18, 1759, in Northampton County, NC, and died in 1809, in what is now Laurens County,
GA.  He married
Nancy Doty in Onslow County, NC.  Marriage bond dated 1780, Bondsmen: Hinchey
and Benajah Doty.   Josiah and Nancy Warren are both buried at Poplar Springs Baptist
Church, Laurens County, GA.  
Nancy Doty was the daughter of Benajah and Elizabeth Farr Doty.  You
can find out more about her ancestors on
Edward Doty, My Mayflower Ancestor page.
The following excerpt was shared with me (along with much more wonderful information) by my Warren
cousin, Mary W. Wallace, for which I am very grateful:
History of Poplar Springs North Baptist Church, Laurens County, Dublin, GA, 1807-1988, "Josiah
had two periods of service in the Revolutionary War.  In his second period of service, in 1781, he was in
Capt. William Butler's Volunteer Company.  In one of these two periods of service, he was a Captain on the
coast of Georgia.  He received grants for 287.5 acres of land in Georgia, probably Burke County.  Shortly
after peace was declared
Josiah and Nancy moved to Burke County, GA, settling near Briar Creek.  
Josiah served as a deacon in Bark Creek Baptist Church and he and Nancy were charter members of
Poplar Springs Baptist Church."
Children of Josiah and Nancy Doty Warren (this is not the correct birth order):
Benajah Warren, my 3-g-grandfather;  Josiah Robert, m. Margaret Ann Martin;  Charles;
           Richard; Hinchey;  Kittrell,
m. Mrs. Patsy Lowe Floyd;  Silas; Eli, a soldier in the War of 1812;
Eliza Jane Love;  Rachel, m. Charles Culpepper;  Sarah, m. Ichabod Scarborough;
Mary, m. Joseph Hill;  Lott, m. Jane de laBleaux; Nancy Doty Warren, m. Abel Stringer
on March 11, 1810 in Montgomery Co., GA; they moved to Franklin County, MS (Nancy Warren
was the sister of my g-g-grandfather, Benajah Warren, and Abel Stringer was the brother of my
           2-g-grandmother, Ferriba Stringer Warren.)