Photos of my Great-Grandparents

Josiah and Flora Carmichael Garrett
With many, many thanks to my second cousin, Mitch Holloway, who sent these photographs to
me.  I had never seen a picture of my g-grandmother before!  I'm thrilled to see these images of
Flora and Josiah and I'm indebted to Mitch for his kindness in sharing these wonderful photos.  To
see the other Garrett pictures he shared, go
Flora Carmichael Garrett, early 1900's        Josiah Garrett, date unknown

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 Flora was the daughter of Daniel and Nancy McCormick Carmichael, of Marion County, SC and
Richmond County, NC, respectively.  Josiah was the son of Isaac and Abba Ann Warren, of
Sumter District, SC and Montgomery County, GA, respectively.
 Daniel Carmichael was the son of Dougald Carmichael of Marion County, SC.  Nancy McCormick
Carmichael was the daughter of Duncan and Katherine McCormick of Richmond County, NC.
 Isaac Garrett was the son of David Garrett of Sumter District, SC.  Abba Ann Warren was the
daughter of Benajah and Ferriba Stringer Warren of Montgomery County, GA.  Benajah was a
descendant of Edward Doty, who arrived in America on
The Mayflower.
 Josiah and Flora lived out their lives in Jefferson County, MS and are buried in the Union
Church Presbyterian Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS
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My G-Grandfather's Attic-Home
Flora Carmichael, probably about the time of
her marriage to Josiah Garrett in 1867