The Descendants of
Duncan and Katherine Carmichael McCormick
of Appin, Argyllshire, Scotland;
Richmond County/Scotland County, North Carolina
DUNCAN McCORMICK was born in Appin, Argyllshire, Scotland, on December 18, 1758.  He married
Katherine Carmichael, (born in 1769), in a Presbyterian church in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 17, 1789.  I
have enough circumstantial evidence to convince me that Duncan and Katherine were natives of the Isle
of Lismore, but I'm still searching for definitive proof.
Duncan, Katherine and their first-born child, Katherine, immigrated to America during the year 1791.  They
sailed from Appin for Wilmington, North Carolina on August 10, 1791, in company with his brother, John
McCormick and wife, Mary McCormick, and their cousin, Rev. John McIntyre and his family, and other
Scottish immigrants, arriving at Fort Johnson, Brunswick County, North Carolina, November 11, 1791.  They
encountered bad weather and severe seas, and their vessel drifted far from their course, which prolonged
the voyage beyond the usual time required for a sailing vessel to make a trip across the Atlantic Ocean at
that time (sixty days).
Duncan's first location in America was in Richmond County (now Scotland County), North Carolina, near the
Smyrna Presbyterian Church, although there was no church there at that time, where he purchased a large
tract of land, part of which is now owned by the McNair Investment Company of Laurinburg, North Carolina
[as of 1950], and he and his family lived there until 1811, when he sold that tract of land and purchased
another tract of land in Richmond County, which is now owned by James F. and Luther Blue
[as of 1950], his
residence being near the present home of this family.
Catherine Carmichael McCormick died on September 30, 1831, aged 66 years.  Duncan died on June 18th,
1845, aged 87 years and 6 months.  They are both buried in the Stewartsville Cemetery, about 3 miles
southeast of Laurinburg, North Carolina.

To this union, ten children were born:

   KATHERINE McCORMICK was born in Scotland in 1791; married John Carmichael, who was a son of
Duncan Carmichael, a farmer, who lived about three miles east of Laurinburg, North Carolina.  John
Carmichael died on September 1, 1865, at the age of 75 years and 6 months; Catherine died on December
26, 1877, at the age of 86 years.  They are buried in the Stewartsville Cemetery near Laurinburg, Richmond
County (later renamed Scotland County), North Carolina.
      Their children were:  Margaret, Katherine, Duncan, John, Daniel, Archibald, Christian, Mary and Ann
Elizabeth Carmichael.

   ARCHIBALD C. McCORMICK, son of Duncan and Katherine McCormick, was born on May 17, 1792, in
Richmond County, North Carolina.  He married Jeanette McKinnon, a daughter of Daniel McKinnon of
Richmond County.  They lived about four miles southwest of Laurinburg, and farmed on the land now
owned by Archibald C. McCormick and Angus Blue [as of 1950].  Jeanette McKinnon McCormick was born
on December 21, 1795, and died on February 21, 1879.  Archibald McCormick died on July 17, 1874, at the
age of 82 years.
      Their children were:  Christian, Margaret, Jeanette, Archibald C., Jr., Daniel, Murdock, Duncan,
Catherine, John Alexander, Dougald and Nathaniel Love McCormick.   

    DANIEL McCORMICK, son of Duncan and Katherine McCormick, was born in 1795 near Laurinburg, North
Carolina.  He first married Catherine Alford, a daughter of Warren Alford, who was born April 1, 1801, and
died in 1829, aged 28 years.  She was buried in the Alford Graveyard near Ashpole Church, in Robeson
County, North Carolina.  Their children were:  Alexander Little and Jeanette Alford McCormick.   He next
married Mary McLean, a daughter of Thomas McLean of Robeson County, North Carolina, on February 10,
1830.  Mary died on October 1, 1863.  At present, the date of Daniel's death is unknown.  He was a farmer
and Civil Engineer.  They are both buried in Stewartville Cemetery, near Laurinburg.  Their children were:  
Dougald, Daniel Murdock and James L. McCormick.

    JOHN CARMICHAEL McCORMICK, son of Duncan and Katherine McCormick, was born near Laurinburg,
about the year 1797.  He first married Barbara Smith, a daughter of Neill Smith of Richmond County, North
Carolina, on January 11, 1825.  He and his family moved to Monroe County, MIssissippi, in 1832, and lived
there for about one year, and then moved to Jefferson County, Mississippi, near Union Church, and
purchased a large tract of land.  He was engaged in farming and he lived in Jefferson County until his
death on February 28, 1878.  He is buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County.  Barbara died on
September 21, 1862.  Their children were:  Neill Smith, Peter, Dougald, John S., Duncan Franklin, Daniel
Washington, Catherine Ann, an infant daughter, Joseph Brown McCormick.  After the death of his first wife,
John C. McCormick married Sarah Emeline McDougald on January 15, 1867.  Their children were:  Ella, Ida
Virginia and Sarah McCormick.     

    CHRISTIAN McCORMICK  was born in 1799, near Laurinburg, North Carolina.  He died on October 18,
1812.  He is is buried in Stewartsville Cemetery, next to his parents.                      

    DUNCAN C. McCORMICK, son of Duncan and Katherine McCormick, was born in about 1800.  He was a
farmer.  He married Annie McNair of Richmond County, and lived in Richmond County all of his life.  He died
in November, 1874, aged 74 years.  Annie died  in February, 1870, aged 65 years.  Their children were:  
Edward R., James A., Nancy, Catherine and Elizabeth McCormick.

    DOUGALD McCORMICK was born in 1800.  He died on October 11, 1821.  He's buried in Stewartsville
Cemetery, next to his parents.

    NANCY McCORMICK CARMICHAEL, my g-g-grandmother.  For details on Nancy's family, see the
McCormick Carmichael family page.
  MARY McCORMICK DAVIS was born on October 6, 1803 near Laurinburg, North Carolina.  Mary married
William W. DAVIS in 1829 or 1830 and they moved to Union Church, Jefferson County, Mississippi.  William
was a farmer.  Mary died July 17, 1885.  She and William are buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson
County, Mississippi.
    They had the following children:
        Catherine Davis, who was born in the early 1830's, married William Geer.  They moved to Louisiana.
        Dougald Davis was born on February 11, 1836.  Dougald married Syrena Clark.  They lived out their
lives in Union Church, Jefferson County, Mississippi.  Their children were:
            Charlie Davis was born April 22, 1873 and died August 9, 1917.  He married Maggie Favors in 1900.  
Their children were Bernie, Gertrude Syrena, Mary E. and Sam A. Davis.
            Annie Davis was born January 23, 1875 and died August 1, 1922.
            George Davis  was born on July 30, 1879.
            Hettie Davis was born 28, 1880.  She married Fleet Currie on June 20, 1903 in Union Church,
Jefferson County, Mississippi.    Their children were Mabel, Neill, Albert, Leota, Lehman, Helen Louise,
Russ, Essie Bell, David, Roy Lee, Donald and Doris Currie.                                                              
             Zula Davis was born on February 15, 1883.  Zula married Russ Pritchard and they lived out their lives
in Union Church, Jefferson County, Mississippi.  Their children were Elenor, Robert, Hazel, Edna Maud,
Nolan, George Russell and William Pritchard.
             Camie Davis was born October 20, 1888.
      MARGARET McCORMICK was born in 1807, near Laurinburg, North Carolina.
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