Stewartsville Cemetery and
McCormick Cemetery
Scotland County, North Carolina
Left to right:  Headstones of Christian McCormick, Dougald
McCormick, and my 3-g-grandparents, Katherine Carmichael
McCormick, Duncan McCormick Stewartsville Cemetery
A memorial stone in the McCormick Cemetery, dedicated to my
3-g-grandparents.  It reads:  "Dedicated to the memory of Duncan
McCormick and wife, Katherine Carmichael, immigrated from
Appin, Argyll, Scotland in 1791, buried in Stewartsville Cemetery."
Grave of Archibald C. and Jeanette McKinnon McCormick;
Archibald was a son of Duncan and Katherine McCormick
McCormick Cemetery
Grave of Daniel McCormick, grandson of
Duncan and Katherine McCormick
McCormick Cemetery
Entrance to McCormick Cemetery
Beneath the roots of tangled weeds, afar in country graveyards,
Lie the ones whose uncrowned heads have stamped this nation's destiny.
Beneath those tottering slabs of stone, whose tribute moss and mold efface,
Sleeps the calm dust that made us great, the true sub-stratum of our race.
-- Sara John English