Civil War Record of Josiah Garrett
Union Presbyterian Church, Union Church, MS.  Site of the farewell
ceremony and barbecue given for the men of Charley Clark's Rifles,
Company A, 12 MS Infantry Regiment.
At the beginning of the Civil War, five of Isaac and Abba Ann's sons volunteered for service in the
Confederate Army.  David, Josiah and Jacob Garrett joined Charley Clark's Rifles company, which was
made up mostly of men from the area around Union Church, Jefferson County and neighboring Copiah
County, MS.
The following account of my g-grandfather, Josiah Garrett's war record, was found in his wallet at the
time of his death in 1928 (this is the text in quotes).  The two paragraphs concerning Josiah's trip home
and reunion with his friend, were added at that time, by one of Josiah's brothers.

"Josiah Garrett, second son of Isaac and Abba Ann Warren Garrett, was born in the "old home" in east
Jefferson County, MS.  When the War Between the States was evident, he joined a company of
volunteers named the Charlies Clark's Rifles.  Before leaving, they all met at Union Church and, after the
service, on the grounds of the church, had a big barbecue dinner and a program in which the ladies
presented a flag of the Confederate States to the unit.  It represented the eleven states of the
Confederacy.  That flag is now exhibited in the State House in Jackson, Mississippi.  The eleven states
were represented by eleven young ladies, one of whom was to become Josiah's wife after the war, Flora
Carmichael.  None of the dinner was eaten because everyone was so sad to see the boys go.  They went
to Brookhaven, Mississippi and mustered into the 12th MS regiment, Company A.  Josiah was with Robert
E. Lee in Virginia, Second Bull Run or Manassas, Gettysburg, Chancelorsville, Seven Pines,
Fredericksburg, Richmond (Seven Days' Flight) and others.
He was shot through his left leg and taken captive.  His leg was very badly injured and they did not know
if it could be saved but, thanks to the concern of a caring Union physician, he recovered and was spared
the fate of having it amputated."

When the soldiers were sent home, Josiah and Ben Applewhite were sent to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and given passage by boat to Natchez.  Ben bought a horse and rode to his home in Lincoln County,
Mississippi.  Josiah hadn't enough money for a horse and walked almost the entirety of the long way
home from Natchez, finally meeting his mother's double cousin, Jane Corban, just a few miles short of
Union Church and she brought him the rest of the way in her buggy.  His mother had not heard from him
for many, many months and had assumed him dead.
Josiah never saw his friend, Ben Applewhite, again, until April, 1924.  Ben drove up to the gate, walked
into Josiah's home and said, "Do you remember me?  How we peeled potatoes on the boat?"  Josiah
said, "Old Ben!"  They embraced each other and cried.
The flag of Charley Clark's Rifles, the same flag sewn and presented by my g-grandmother and the other
ladies of Union Church, is in the Civil War Flag Collection at the Old Capitol Museum, in Jackson,
Mississippi.  It is not currently on display.  It's deteriorating rapidly and remains in a special solution, in
an attempt to save it.  A photo of the flag is on the
Charley Clark's Roster Page.
On April 20, 1928, my g-grandfather, Josiah Garrett, died at the age of 88.  He was buried next to his
beloved Flora, just across the road from the church, where so many years before, the community had
gathered to say goodbye.
The same church building still stands, silent sentry to the families who so faithfully attended its services
long ago and who now rest in Union Church Cemetery, including my own, representing four generations.  
The Garretts, the McCormicks, the Warrens....and other names I know as well as my own families....the
McLaurins, the Buies, the Torreys, the McArns, the Wilkinsons, the Fairlys and so many more, all intrepid
pioneers of the early Southwest Mississippi Territory.
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Josiah Garrett
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Souvenirs of veterans reunions
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