Audubon Park and Zoo
Aerial view of Audubon Park-the zoo can be
seen in the upper right corner-on the left is
the Mississippi River; this was taken to show
construction of a new levee, 1937.
"New" Monkey Hill, built by WPA workers,
1938, so the children of New Orleans could see
what a hill looked like.
View from the concession stand.
Most of these photos were taken in 1936, after the zoo was relocated within the park and the WPA
had done extensive rebuilding.  Initially, the zoo had been located closer to the center of the park.
Today, the zoo is a part of the Audubon Nature Institute and it has grown into a modern, world-class
facility, ranked among the top zoos in the United States.
The Aviary --- later on, an elevated walkway was built that spanned the length of the aviary.
Monkey Island was my favorite stop.  But I dreaded going to see the
orangutan---he always looked so sad to me.  Did he look sad to you?
This picture really doesn't do the tortoises justice...they were so big!
The pictures below look as if they may have been taken in the 1950's.
Monkey Hill is in the background, but there are no children scrambling up the
"mountain" in this photo.  Usually there were dozens of kids climbing to reach
the top--undoubtedly, the highest elevation in New Orleans!
The miniature train.
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