Chinese Presbyterian Church
Many thanks to Winston Ho who kindly shared the
images and information on this page.  Nancy
Chinese Presbyterian Mission, S. Liberty Street, early 1900's.  (The church to
the right was the Central Congregational Church - this building no longer
exists and the current church is now located on Bienville.)
S. Liberty Street, 1882
From Winston Ho:
 The Chinese Presbyterian Mission was founded in 1882 and was for many
decades affiliated with the Canal Street Presbyterian Church.  The Mission moved
from 215 S. Liberty to 223 S. Roman Street in 1926; then to 2525 Bienville Street in
1953.  It was elevated from a mission to an independent church in 1957 and it moved
to its present location at 2901 West Esplanade in Kenner in 1997.
Until the 1970's, the church served as a community center for the entire Chinese
community in the city.  It is one of the oldest continuously-existing Chinese
Presbyterian congregations in the country and is currently one of three Chinese
Christian churches in Greater New Orleans.
Neither the S. Liberty or the S. Roman buildings are still standing.  The Bienville
Street location was heavily flooded in 2005, but remains under CPCNO ownership.
Most of the images are from the photo albums of the Chinese Presbyterian
Above & below, S. Liberty Street, 1920's
S. Roman Street, 1926
Above & below, S. Roman Street, 1940's
Bienville Street, 1953; photo by Arthur Tong
Bienville Street, 1963; photo by Arthur Tong
Bienville Street, 1963
West Esplanade Avenue, 2010
Congregation, 1957
Congregation, 2002