Old Orleans Parish Criminal Court
Old Parish Prison
The building above was constructed in the early 1880's and served as the Orleans Parish Criminal Court until about 1930.  The old Parish Prison was directly behind the court building.  The date of this photo is unknown, but judging from the car in the picture, it looks as though it was probably taken in the 1920's.  This location on Elks Place and Loyola Avenue is where the main branch of the public library stands today.
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This Criminal Court building, at Tulane Avenue and Broad Street, was new when the above photo was taken in 1931.  It's still in use.
Above & below:  the parish prison which pre-dated the prison in the top two photos.  This complex was constructed in 1834 and closed in about 1894.  It was in a different location,   bounded by Orleans, St. Ann, Treme and Marais Streets.
Elk Place and the old Criminal Court building, about 1900.
Sketches above & photo below are from the older prison directly above.
Left, prison execution yard; right, door to a cell in old prison; below, prison gate.