Crossing the River on the Ferry
The Canal Street ferry service has been in continuous operation since 1827.  The Canal
Street/Algiers ferry's terminals are at the foot of Canal Street and, across the Mississippi
River, at Algiers Point.  Another boat, the Gretna ferry, departs Canal Street and goes
upriver to Gretna.  A third ferry, which operates downriver, connects Chalmette, Louisiana
and Lower Algiers
Before the construction of the Huey P. Long Bridge in neighboring Jefferson Parish in the
1930's (and the Greater New Orleans Bridge in the 1950's), the ferries were the only public
forms of transportation available to cross the Mississippi in the New Orleans area.  Even
trains had to be ferried across the river.
The Canal Street/Algiers ferry provides a great view of the city from the river and the
Algiers neighborhood has many historic places to visit.  -- Nancy
Ferry crossing the river at New Orleans, 1905
Ferry at the Canal Street dock, on the occasion of Pres. Theodore Roosevelt's visit in
1905.  During his stay in the city, he was taken on an excursion boat upriver to Audubon
Park and boats of all description crowded the river, filled with citizens anxious for a
glimpse of the president, including the ferry boat pictured above.
Above, the ferry boat Edwin Bisso at Canal
Street, 1920; below, Algiers ferry, 1930's.
The Algiers ferry at Canal Street landing, looking toward Algiers, 1930's
Ferry, Jackson Street wharf, 1945
Algiers ferry, 1960
Below, recent photos of the ferries.
Mardi Gras on the Canal Street ferry.
The Gretna ferry heads upriver.
Above and below, Algiers ferry
Canal Street ferry, Louise, 1870
Canal Street ferry, from Algiers pier, 1900
Westside ferry, 1950's