Old French Church:
Notre Dame de Bon Secours
                         The Old French Church - Notre Dame de Bon Secours
                              Jackson Avenue; constructed in the late 1850's

 I discovered the photo above bearing only the inscription, "The Old French
Church, Jackson Avenue," and it intrigued me.  I was hoping to learn more
about it and I'm so very grateful to Rev. Martin E. Lawrence, who wrote to share
the history of this church with us.
Notre Dame de Bon Secours was one of three churches organized and built by
a dedicated group of Redemptorist priests.  From the
history of St. Mary's
Assumption Church:
"In 1847, this young Catholic parish was officially turned over to the
Redemptorists ... priests and brothers of remarkable vision, energy and faith.  
They found themselves ministering to three national language groups:  the
French, the Irish and the German.  Within ten years, the Redemptorists had built
three separate permanent church buildings:  St. Mary's Assumption (German),
St. Alphonsus (Irish) and Notre Dame de Bon Secours (French)."
Notre Dame de Bon Secours, known as the old French Church, was on Jackson
Avenue, a few blocks from St. Alphonsus and St. Mary's Assumption.  It was
demolished in the 1920's, after being heavily damaged in the hurricane of 1918.  
Rev. Lawrence writes that the stained glass windows from the church are on
display at the
Blessed Seelos Shrine in St. Mary's Assumption Church.
Notre Dame de Bon Secours, 1872