Former Homes
Some New Orleans Jazz Greats
Cornetist Buddy Bolden's home on First Street in Central City.  Incredibly talented, Buddy
Bolden's career was tragically short.  His compositions remain, but there are no recordings
of his cornet playing.  
Childhood home of pianist and composer Jelly Roll Morton, on Frenchman
Street in the Seventh Ward.  Widely recognized as a pivotal figure in early
jazz, he is notable as jazz's first arranger.  Mr.Morton's
Jelly Roll Blues
was the first published jazz composition.
Childhood home of jazz great Sidney Bechet, on Marais Street in the Seventh
Ward - this house was demolished a few years ago.
Mr. Bechet, was the first jazz saxophonist of note; he was, also, a clarenetist
and composer.  "Bectel was, to me, the very epitome of jazz...everything he
played in his whole life was original...he was the most unique man to ever be
in this music." - Duke Ellington
Home of trombonist, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Kid Ory, on Jackson
Avenue.  There's a plaque on this house which reads, in part
:  "Edward 'Kid' Ory lived
here from 1910-1916.  He led his own band in New Orleans; recorded in Chicago with
Louis Armstrong, Joseph 'King' Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton.  His hit composition,
Muskrat Ramble, has gone through many reincarnations.  He was at the forefront
of the jazz revival in the 1940's-'50's and continued performing into the 1970's."
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