New Orleans Police 3-Wheeler K-9 Unit
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New Orleans Police Officer and Friend, 1961

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I found the photo above in a 1961 issue of Life magazine.
My e-friend and former NOPD officer,
Bill Carter, did some sleuthing
and asked a few friends and they came up with some names, for
which I'm very appreciative.  From Bill and his friend,
Gene Fields,
former NOPD officer (who, also, worked at the Jefferson Parish
Sheriff's Office as head of the Detective and Investigation Bureau):
"The photo above is of Howard Pittman and Jig.  The names of some
of the others who were part of the unit were:  Jerry Salles, Albert
Andry, Mel Koenegh, Jay Sedgebeer, Alan Hefker, Eddie McGhee
and Alex Vega.  The dog rode on a half sheet of plywood on the rear
of the motorcycle.  The motorcycle in this picture shows a little
originality with the Plexiglas enclosure."
More information from Gene about the K-9 unit and the photos below:
"The NOPD started the K-9 Unit in 1960.  The first officers who trained
with the Baltimore Police Department were Howard Pittman and
Mallory Meyers; their dogs were Jig and Jag.  The dogs' names came
from the initials of Superintendent Joseph I. Giarrusso and Deputy
Superintendent Joseph A. Guillot.  In the photo below, the officers are
Howard Pittman and Jig and Albert Andry and Jet.  A second training
class began in April, 1961.  It included officers Albert Andry, Alex Vega,
Jerry Salles, Merril Koenig, Jay Sedgebeer and Edgar McGehee."