Kenilworth Plantation
St. Bernard Parish, LA
Kenilworth is a West Indies style plantation house located along Bayou
Terre-aux-Boeufs in St. Bernard Parish.  There's controversy about the date
of construction and the original owners.  Some researchers say the house
was built as early as 1759, others say 1779, others claim a few years later.
The sign at the house itself reads 1759.  The thing that isn't in dispute is that
it's very old indeed and an architectural and historical jewel.  It's possible
that developers Vincent Rillieux and Jean Chauveau may have been
responsible for the construction, as they were among the earliest owners.
Rillieux was an engineer and inventor who served in the militia at the
Battle of New Orleans; he was, also, the g-uncle of painter Edgar Degas.
The Bienvenue family owned it for about 40 years, beginning in 1831,
and that name was associated with the property for many years.
An interesting feature of the house is that it was built in the old
fashion -- without nails, using only pegs.  It suffered terrible damage
in the levee failures of 2005, but has been meticulously restored.
Above, Kenilworth, ca. 1930's; top photo and photo below, March, 2012.
2012 photographs are courtesy of Infrogmation@WkimediaCommons
and 1930's photo is courtesy of the Library of Congress.