LaSalle School (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts)
Perrier and Webster Streets
Life as it was...a haunting picture of time standing still.
The above image is thanks to talented photographer Andy Cook, who
recently did a photo essay of some of the city's abandoned schools.
   Not even the dust can be seen stirring in the photo above of a hallway in the former New Orleans Center for Creative Arts building.  Before NOCCA's era, the structure served as LaSalle Elementary School.
   At least 52 former public school buildings have been slated to be sold or demolished in the wake of the levee failures of 2005.  Most of them - like the old LaSalle School - stand empty, still awaiting their assorted fates.
   LaSalle School was constructed in about 1900, a beautiful Italiante-style building that sheltered students for the next 100 years, first as an elementary school and, later, as home to the prestigious N.O. Center for Creative Arts.
Above and below, abandoned LaSalle School today.  In the photo below,
the old caretaker's cottage can be seen, still standing vigil next to its charge.
Above and below, the campus during its elementary school era, 1955.
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