Lake Scenes
With special thanks to Kathy Bloodworth for these beautiful photographs of scenes on and near Lake Pontchartrain.  Kathy took these photos in the 1980's, while living in Bucktown and working as a freelance photographer, as well as at Sintes Boat Works.  The pictures are large and will take some time to download if you're on dial-up.  I usually reduce images that are this size, but these pictures were so beautiful, I didn't have the heart to reduce them.  They mean even more to those of us who used to live near these places, since most of them were washed away by hurricanes George and Katrina.  Nancy
Seymour's Restaurant, the building to the left is Sintes Boat Works.
Fitzgerald's Seafood on Lake Pontchartrain - Fitzgerald's was always one of my favorite restaurants.  There were windows on all sides of the building...not a bad table in the house.  I ate more slowly at Fitzgerald's...not wanting to surrender my window on the lake on a summer afternoon, watching the crisp white sails of the sailboats and listening to the splashes of the lake on the piers beneath.  It was a New Orleans landmark before Hurricane George took the first glancing blow and Katrina finished the job.
Early morning on the 17th Street Canal, looking toward Lakeview  Notice the construction in the background...this was the first high-rise going up near the lake marina.
Unloading the catch of the day - 17th Street Canal, Bucktown
The "Rest-A-While" was already abandoned and falling into disrepair at the time of this photo.
Old New Orleans

The Past Whispers - Home
A few of the piers - all that's left of Fitzgerald's Seafood today.
Swanson's Seafood Restaurant at West End