"New Orleans - At the Levee - Electric Light Illumination, 1883"
On the Waterfront
Images of the New Orleans Riverfront
Steamboats lined up on the N.O. riverfront as far as the eye can see, 1881
Caption:  "Looking down the river, French part of the
city in the distance." 1890's, S. T. Blessing, photographer.
Gravier Street wharf, 1890's, S. T. Blessing, photographer
Bienville Street wharf, bet. 1880-1910, George Francois Mugnier, photographer.
The Steamer Magenta
Sugar Landing, George Francois Mugnier, photographer
Caption:  "Lower Coast Steamboat, head of St. Louis Street, showing a little of the
sweet products of Louisiana on the levee."  S. T. Blessing, photographer.
At the Levee, 1866