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Above and at top of the page, Claiborne Market, situated in the neutral
ground of Claiborne Avenue, at what is now Tulane Avenue.  The Claiborne
Market was built in 1871 and demolished in 1931. These two photos were
taken between the late 1800's-early 1900's.
Prytania Market - Above, the old market on Prytania Street, between
Upperline and Lyons Streets, 1915; below, the new market, 1940's.  The
location is the same, but some of the shotgun houses to the left have been
replaced by the time the new market was constructed.  The building with
chimney in the distance below, to the right, is McDonogh No. 6 School.  In
1982, the school was turned into a condominum.
Dryades Market - Located on Dryades at Melpomene Street; the photo above
was taken in 1943, during WWII, when the market was used as a WAAC
Induction Center; photos below were taken in the late 1940's.
Keller Market - 1800 block of Magnolia Street, above and
below, after WPA renovation.
Free Market - I don't have any information about this market's
history or location.
C. N. Maestri Market - This market was located at Orleans Avenue and
Broad Street; it was one of only a few new markets built from the ground
up by the WPA; photo above is from early 1940's; below, 1938.
Annunciation Market - located in the 1100 block of Annunciation Street; photo ca. 1941.  Otto
Bangs, Jr. wrote to say that from 1922-1930, this was the site of Bangs and Son Meat Market.
He shared photos that were taken during that time.  To see the photos, click
Lautenschlaeger Market - The old market was demolished; the newly
completed building is pictured above in 1938; it was located in the
1900 block of Burgundy Street.
This is the public market on Rampart Street, but I'm not sure if that
was its name; picture is from 1941.
Lebreton Market - This market was located in the 1400 block of North
Dorgenois Street; renovated by the WPA; photo is ca. 1950.
Above, Zengel Market - Below, the Ewing Market   The two buildings are
obviously the same design and both pictures were taken in 1941.  They
were probably built by the WPA.
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Many of the photos on the Old Market pages are courtesy
of the Library of Congress

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A website visitor, Tom, wrote to say that the Zengel Market was on Piety and
Burgundy Streets and, later, another visitor, Robert, sent a current Google
street view photo of the Zengel Market building and, also, one of the Ewing
Market building.  The Ewing Market was at 5500 Magazine Street, now the
home of a dress shop.  The Zengel building hasn't done as well, it's currently
abandoned.  Many thanks to Tom and Robert for sharing.
Current views of Ewing Market (left) and Zengel Market (right).