Mary Plantation
Oldest Structure in Plaquemines Parish
Mary Plantation, before Hurricane Isaac flooded the historic home
After Isaac's flood waters receded
Mary Plantation was built in 1795.  It's survived the British invasion, the Civil War, numerous
hurricanes and an old home's worst enemy, time.  According to its current owner, New Orleans
hotelier, Blake Miller, it will survive the ravages of Hurricane Isaac, as well.  Weeks after a
renovation of the historic dwelling had been completed, it was inundated with a tidal
wave when Hurricane Isaac roared through Plaquemines Parish in September, 2012.
Mr. Miller purchased the home in March, 2012, and has spent the months since then
renovating the property with the aim of turning it into a venue for weddings, receptions,
meetings, etc.  All of the first floor's furnishings, including many antiques, were lost in
the flood water and mold spread to the second floor, causing further damage.
"Everything can be repaired or replaced," Mr. Miller said in a Times-Picayune interview.
"She's going to be a grand old lady, up and running again in six months."
-- Nancy, 10/14/12
First floor:  In this photo, taken shortly after the flood,
the water's gone, but the sludge remains
Left, an ancient pirogue sits on the property, March, 2012;
above, flood waters carried the pirogue toward
the house, where it lodged under one of the
staircases, September, 2012.
Photos in the section below were taken in the Spring of 2012.
Above, lower gallery (notice the old bootscraper
pot on the left);  right, stained glass windows
Left, cistern; above, sugar kettle, from the days when this
was a working sugar plantation, sits near an outbuilding.
Mary Plantation, ca. 1938.
Side view, before Hurricane Isaac.