The Morning Call
The postcard at the top of the page is from 1937;
the three photos directly below were taken in 1930.
Photo taken between 1890 - 1910
Above. 1950's; below, 1960's
The old Morning Call coffee stand in the French Quarter was established
in 1870 by Joseph Jurisich and carried on by succeeding generations of
the Jurisich family.  For over a century, it was one of two coffee stands on
Decatur Street - the other being Cafe Du Monde, which was founded in
1862.  In 1974, Morning Call moved to adjoining Jefferson Parish, leaving
Cafe Du Monde to continue the tradition of serving cafe au lait and
beignets to locals and visitors alike from its site in the French Market.
New Orleanians have always taken their coffee seriously (and, usually,
very strong).  By the early 1800's, coffee was one of the city's leading
imports and, by 1850, over 500 coffee houses were open in the city.  
Today, one-third of all coffee imported to North America lands first in New
Orleans.  A dozen coffee roasters in the city prepare products for twenty
national and local brands and, a few miles from the French Market,
Folgers now operates the largest coffee roasting plant in the world.
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Morning Call, ca. 1940's