Mystery Photos
Some of the locations on this page have been identified by visitors.
Can you identify any of the rest?  
This photo's description reads, "Famous haunted house, St. Andrew Street."   I'm pretty sure
the steeple in the background belongs to St. Mary's Assumption Church on Constance Street.
The photo is from 1930's-'40's.  Fred wrote to say that this house is in the 900 block of
St. Andrew and is still being used as Hope House Catholic Charity.  The reason
for its description as "haunted" is still a mystery!
What looks to be a neighborhood mom & pop bar.  President Franklin Roosevelt's picture
is on the wall, so the date's probably 1930's-'40's.  I'd love to give these folks a name.
Augusta Elmwood sent this photo to me, wondering if I might identify it.
It doesn't strike me as a Mardi Gras procession, maybe a feast day?
St. Joseph's?  Looks to be in the 1940's.
I am indebted to both Paul Peyronnin and John Grey for sharing the identity of this building.  It
was the former home of First Baptist Church.  This building, which was on St. Charles Avenue
and Delachaise Street, is no longer standing.  First Baptist moved to the 4300 block of St. Charles
in 1954, where it remained until 2004, when it moved to the 5200 block of Canal Boulevard.
Carondelet Street, near GIrod Street, 1954.  Beautiful old building, no longer standing.
Fred very kindly shared the long and interestingly ecumenical history of this building
with me.  It was designed by Gallier in 1837 and used as Christ Church.  When the church
moved to Dauphine and Canal in the 1840's, the building was purchased by Judah Touro
to be used as a synagogue.  It was ultimately used by the Catholic Knights of Columbus.
Sadly, it was demolished in the 1950's.  Once considered to rival the elegance of Gallier Hall,
the site where this beautiful and historic building once stood is now used as a parking garage.
This photo was taken in New Orleans in about 1910.  Do you recognize the building?
Update:  No one's been able to identify the location of this photo, but one mystery was solved
recently while I was watching the DIY network!  There was a lot of discussion about the stars on the
building when I first published this photo.  Some thought it signified a religion, others, social or
charitable organizations.  But one of the DIY shows was doing a renovation of an old building and
mentioned the stars on their building
, identical to those pictured above - which turned out to be
masonary rods!  So no clue there, but at least the mystery of the stars is solved.
Ricky Pujol shared this photo and asked for help in identifying the location.  Judging
by the age of the little boy on the right, who was born in 1920, it must have been
taken in the mid-1920's.  My first guess was Audubon Park, but the longer I look at it,
the more I wonder.  Discovering the identity of the location is a matter of some
importance to Mr. Pujol, so if you believe you know it, he would very much
appreciate hearing from you.