Cornstalk fence on Royal Street, 1956
Newcomb College. 1940's
Above:  "Your order of Oysters a La Rockefeller.  Since 1889 when this dish was concocted by Jules
Alciatore at The Restaurant Antoine is number 1260044.  The Restaurant Antoine, Founded in 1840.  
Present proprietor Roy L. Alciatore, son of Jules and grandson of Antoine Alciatore, is sampling the
millionth order.  The recipe is a sacred family secret."
Lobby of Moneteleone Hotel
Civic Center Complex, 1960
Canal Street, 1967
French Quarter, about 1960
Pirates Alley, 1950's
French Quarter Courtyard, 1930's
Pirate's Alley, 1940's
Below, The Cocktail Room, Pat O'Brien's
Below, The Main Bar, Pat O'Brien's
* * * * *