John A. Shaw Elementary School
Third Grade Class Photo, 1949
With thanks to Victor DuRapau for sharing this photo.
Mrs. Stout's 3rd grade class, 1949
Victor is pictured in the top row, 6th from right (counting Mrs. Stout and
the girl standing behind her).  Victor can identify Eddie Merrick (next to
Mrs. Stout).  If you know any other names, I'd be happy to add them.
This elementary school on Arts Street was named after John Angier Shaw.  In 1841,
Mr. Shaw, a native of Massachusetts, was appointed school superintendent of the
recently formed Second Municipality.  John Shaw was responsible for many
innovations in the school system, including creating the first free school library for
his teachers and students, which formed the basis of the public library system of
New Orleans.  He opened the city's first modern public high school for boys,
quickly followed by the first high school for girls.  It could be said that Mr. Shaw
shaped the public school system in Louisiana and beyond, as school
administrators from across the South observed and implemented many of his ideas.

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