The Angel Xiques Mansion
The Xiques house, in the 500 block of Dauphine, was built for Angel Xiques, a
Spanish merchant, in 1852.  Like many old homes in New Orleans, it's had quite
a colorful history.  It's been the site of a gambling house, cigar factory, a fight
club, a seltzer water plant and, eventually, a rooming house.  Time hadn't
been particularly kind to the old home, until it was purchased in the 1960's
- renovated and turned into a 4-family dwelling.  In the late 1990's, it was
lovingly restored to its former elegance.
Top of the page, Xiques mansion as it looks today;
the photo directly above was taken in 1938.
Xiques house, 1940's
The current photo of the Xiques house is courtesy of
Flickr Creaetive Commons and Reading Tom.