My mother, Florelle Garrett Jackson, worked in the Data Processing Center of Commodity
Credit, which is an agency of the federal government's Department of Agriculture.  When
she first started working there, the offices of CCC were located in the old Masonic Temple
building on St. Charles Avenue; they later moved to the Wirth Building on Canal and Marais
Streets, across from the Jung Hotel.  Shortly before my Mom retired, Commodity Credit
moved its offices, once again, this time to the NASA-Michoud Facility in New Orleans East.  
The photographs below were taken between 1950's and the late 1970's.   Nancy
My Mom is standing in the second row, fifth from the end on the right, directly behind the lady in
the horizontal striped blouse.  Of these smiling faces, I can only identify two of the ladies, and only
because they were my Mom's dearest friends.  Mildred Cox is standing in the second row, fourth
from the left; Marie Bertucci is in the third row, second from the right; 1970's.
My Mom is in the front row, third from right.  The title of her job was officially "Data
Processor," however, my Mom and her co-workers always referred to themselves
as "Key Punch Operators."  The data for all of the commodities grown, sold and
traded in this part of the country came through the Commodity Credit Operators'
machines, the biggest crops, by far, were cotton and sugar.
Photos above and below were taken in the 1960's.
My Mom's retirement party.
The Wirth Building, Canal and Marais Streets, across from the Jung
Hotel.  Commodity Credit used this building from the 1950's until the
1970's.  I'm not sure when this was taken, but it was after they'd
moved to NASA, probably 1980's.  This building has been demolished
and a new building constructed in its place.
I don't know the date, so I don't know if this was my Mom's recognition for 20 years or 30.
A work-related banquet of some kind, probably at the Blue Room, but I don't recall the occasion
or date.  My Mom is third from right, seated next to friends:  Marie Bertucci, in black dress, and
Mildred Cox, first lady on the right.  Margie Bailey is first lady on the left.
Above:   My Mom is the first person seated, on the left;  I recognize Margie Bailey as the third
lady from the left, standing.   
Photo below:   Mildred Cox is the second from left, seated;  Anna
Reagan sits next to her--third from left;  Marie Bertucci is standing in the back row, third from
right.   Thanks to a thoughtful visitor to this page, we now know that the 5th lady from the left,
front row, in the white blouse, is Lorraine Stillwell.
This was a Commodity Credit Christmas
party some time in the 1950's.
Commodity Credit Corporation