Records of Union Church Presbyterian Church

An Assessment of Quarterly Contributions to be Collected
for the Purpose of Increasing Pastor's Salary
About 1879

Based on ".........calculations to raise said salary."
"Approved unamimously by the Board of Union Presbyterian Church.  D. G. Buie, Clerk
Members present:  John Torrey, Robert D. Torrey, Lewis Cato, D. G. Buie"

These assessments were divided into four groups, or classes, based on the amount of assessment.
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FIRST CLASS, $10 per quarter:
Gilbert M.  Buie
Duncan McArn
Lewis Cato
John Torrey
Robert d. Torrey
D. G. Buie
Munroe Currie

SECOND CLASS, $6 per quarter:
Sterling Cato
Daniel H. Cameron
John L. Scott
W. T. McArn
M. A. Galbreath
John A. Galbreath
John D. Fairley
Joseph N. McPherson
Samuel d. McCallum
John C. McCormick

THIRD CLASS, $3 per quarter:
Malcolm McPherson
Neill R. Wilkinson
William H. Clark
John A. Watson
J. J. Warren
George C. Torrey
Sylvester Torrey
Adam Schaffer
Archie Smith, Sr.
Archie Smith, Jr.
James M. Riggs
G. Patterson
R. McNair
Robert Meteer
Eddie Lamb
John A. Hunter
Alen B. Cato
Alexander Currie
Joseph W. Cato
Warren Larue Cato
Neill Currie

FOURTH CLASS, $1 per quarter:
Mary H. Buie
Emilie Buie
Josie Buie
Rebecca Cato
Sarah Clawson
Ione Currie
Malissa Cato
Mary Ann Godbold
Martha E. Cato
Revella E. Cato
Georgia Ann Cato
Caroline Cato
Mary E. Cameron
Bill Cato
Mahala J. Fairley
Flora Guptin (?)
Mary Galbreath
E. A. Galbreath
Margaret J. Galbreath
M. V. Knapp
Elizabeth Metter
Mary A. McClutchie
Elliza J. McPherson
Sarah McCormick
Rebecca J. McPherson
Mary Ann McCallum
Maria McPherson
Catharine McArn
Eliza C. Newman
Margaret A. Newman
Anna Smith
Catharine Scott
Mary Ann Shaw
Frances C. Smith
Julia W. Stephens (?)
Charlotte Smiley
Margaret C. Torrey
Mary Torrey
Inez Warren
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