The Records of
Union Church Presbyterian Church
Jefferson County, Mississippi
The records of Union Church Presbyterian Church rest securely in their place of safety,
removed from, and untouched by, the vicissitudes of two turbulent centuries.  They are
remarkable in their condition and in the detail of their contents.  I am deeply indebted to my
cousin, Mike McCormick, for allowing me to spend an afternoon going through this storehouse
of treasures to my heart's content.  I am grateful for his kindness in allowing the records to be
copied and I am, also, grateful to the members of Union Church, past and present, for
safeguarding these irreplaceable records.  These pages represent an afternoon's worth of
scanning and only a fraction of the records.  Perhaps if I hadn't spent so much time reading, I
could've spent more time copying.
:-) But I had a lot of trouble putting each page aside, the
history of the church is rich and the records bring the dust of our ancestors to life.  For a
family researcher, what greater treasure is there?   Nancy
Union Church Presbyterian Church Records:

Member Register

Some Communicants


Sesquicentennial Service, 1967

"Early Years of Union Church"

Some Recorded Births and Deaths

Trustees Transfer Parsonage Title to Rev. Grafton

Other pages about Union Church:

"The History of the Scotch Settlement"


Survey of Union Church Cemetery
Beneath the roots of tangled weeds, afar in country graveyards,
Lie the ones whose uncrowned heads have stamped this nation's destiny.
Beneath those tottering slabs of stone, whose tribute moss and mold efface,
Sleeps the calm dust that made us great, the true sub-stratum of our race.
                                  -- Sara English
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