Jefferson County, Mississippi
Taken from "Mississippi Cemetery and Bible Records, Volume XI," 1962.
Please note that, except for my own family, where I noticed errors, I've
left the spelling just as it appeared.   -- Nancy
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During the first half of the 19th century, there was a great migration of the children and
grandchildren of the Carolina Scots to the newly opening Southwest Territories of Alabama,
Mississippi and beyond.
"There was, at that time, no method of renewing the fertility of cultivated soil and when the virgin
productivity of the land was exhausted, new land was brought under cultivation.  As a consequence,
the settlers were usually looking for new and more productive land.  Another factor that encouraged
migration, in addition to the desire for new lands and economic betterment, was the large number of
children born to the Carolina Scots, which meant that only a few of them could inherit enough farm
land from their parents to have a viable living.   The Pee Dee Presbyterian Church, near Dillon, SC,
lost more than half of its membership through emigration to the South and Southwest, 1830-36 and
[Ref.: "The Scottish Highlanders of the Carolinas" by Roderick Carmichael.]
Carmichael dealt with the migration of some of his own family, as did Purcell in "Lumber River
Scots." Many of these people came to the Union Church area of Mississippi.  In fact, the Union
Presbyterian Church of Mississippi was founded by Carolina emigrants from Union Church in
Moore County, NC and their Moore County pastor, Rev. McCallum, accepted the call to become
their first pastor.  The Gaelic speaking congregation probably wanted a pastor who was able to
preach in Gaelic.
[Ref.: Kelly's "Carolina Scots"]
Neil Buie was the first settler of what is now Union Church, arriving in 1800. [Ref.: MS Dept. of
Archives and History.]
In March, 1805, George Torrey, his son, Dougald Torrey, Laughlin Currie and Robert Willis of
Fayetteville, Cumberland County, NC, came to Bruinsburg in Claiborne County, MS and made two
crops.  In 1806, they settled near the present site of Ebenezer Baptist Church at Union Church,
Jefferson County. They were soon followed by the Gilchrists, Galbreaths and Camerons in 1808
and 1810, mainly from Robeson County, NC.
[Ref.: "Lumber River Scots."]
A few years later, all the country around Union Church was filled with Scotch settlers and became
known as the Scotch Settlement.
[Ref.: C. W. Grafton's "The Scotch Settlement" -- publication of
the MS Historical Society.]
Union Presbyterian Church was organized in 1817 by Rev. Joseph Bullen and Jacob Rickhow.  In
the years since, the church and its cemetery have been an integral part of the village of Union Church
and of the surrounding area.  It is held with reference and deep affection by the descendants of the
Highlander Scots, who first settled in the Carolinas, and then moved west to Mississippi, to the
community then known as the "Scotch Settlement."     
Nancy Brister
CUPIT, Herman Edwin; 9/16/1905---7/16/1960
SEGREST, Bobbie Ann; d. 1/14/1958; age 20 days
YOUNGBLOOD, Eugene Walter; 4/20/1877--4/30/1958
WARREN, Dr. Daniel Cameron; 2/8/1851--5/29/1926
WIFE: Mary Inez Torrey; 3/16/1850--12/3/1941
WARREN, Ella Jane; 12/28/1856--8/11/1934
WARREN, Lillian; 9/6/1868--12/19/1940
TORREY, Pauline; 1/19/1866--7/3/1954
TORREY, George S.; 8/5/1862--2/25/1930
WIFE: Betty McLAURIN; 4/22/1870--3/23/1938
TORREY, James Seymour; 12/7/1933--6/13/1935
FAIRLEY, Peter Houston; 11/12/1877--2/1/1940
WIFE: Alice E. MADDUX; 8/3/1875--4/23/1959
KNAPP, Ephraim M.; 1848--1927
WIFE: Mattie O. KNAPP; 1852--1937
KNAPP, Johnnie; 1880--1952
BENNETT, Enoch Carruth; 3/28/1883--8/23/1932
WIFE: Bessie KNAPP; no dates
YOUNGBLOOD, William Franklin; 8/25/1880--1/4/1955
HAWKINS, Daniel M.; MS Mech. Co. M 6 Rpl Trg Cen WWI; 10/3/1892--10/16/1955
SMITH, George Ralph; 1890--1951
WIFE:  Mamie DAWKINS Smith; 1889--1977      
VARNADO, Geneva B.; 2/9/1890--2/19/1955
THOMPSON, Infant son of Mr./Mrs. L. H. THOMPSON; 9/2/1941
COLEMAN, William C.; 2/5/1862--9/16/1939
PRITCHARD, Alfred Lee; 9/4/1896--Pvt 1st C1 Med Dept; Enl: 8/21/1918--Disc. 4/21/1919; d. 4/3/1941
PRITCHARD, Mary Louise, dau. of Mr./Mrs. A. L. PRITCHARD; 7/18/1931--2/9/1934
PRITCHARD, Lee; 12/18/1869--1/11/1951
WIFE: May NEVELS; 9/6/1874--10/17/1955
SMITH, Duncan; 1873--1942
WIFE: Mary Emma Smith; 1878--
IVEY, John; 5/18/1877--
WIFE: Lucy DAVIS; 8/1/1881--5/13/1961
NEVELS, George N.; son of B. B. & S. M. NEVELS; 3/15/1921--2/8/1934
IVY, Edward D.; 1/25/1888--9/9/1930
IVY, Anna E.; 3/5/1894--1/26/1928
KINSTLEY, Kelly; 2/26/1877--7/30/1929
BRYANT, Wm.; 12/8/1908--9/5/1945
ENNIS, Henry; Co. F, 3MS Inf. CSA
BRYANT, Monroe; 5/8/1872--12/23/1934
NEVELS, Allen; 2/9/1869--5/12/1950
WIFE: Nannie LYLES; 11/3/1871--2/4/1961
COVINGTON, Edwin; 2/16/1903--8/8/1951
WIFE: Dellah F.; 1871-1948
BEESLEY, Henry; 6/1/1876--11/9/1956
WIFE: Jennie McCALL; 2/16/1884--4/8/1960
McCALL, John Alpheus; 7/7/1855--8/17/1921
McCALL, Susanna; 'Mother' 10/20/1861--3/3/1933
DENNIS, James S.; 10/21/1847--1/22/1918; CSA
DENNIS, Clara P.; Our Mother; 2/7/1872--10/13/1957
DENNIS, Gordon; 4/5/1896--10/6/1952
SMITH, James; Co. D., 9 LA Inf. CSA
SMITH, Lester C.; 7/29/1904--3/10/1957
SMITH, John W.; 12/11/1875--11/28/1938
WIFE: Jimmie L. SMITH/ 1/25/1878--
O'NEAL, Wm. V.; 1872--1952
WIFE: Mary V. O'Neal; 1878--
STROUD, Sherren L.; 8/20/1908--7/9/1954
HORN, Ruth Lee; Wife of l. C. ERWIN; 9/4/1913--5/21/1939
INGOLD, Oscar; 9/15/1873--9/19/1950; W.O.W.
ROPER, Mable INGOLD; 1/13/1913--1/19/1949
CLARK, Juanita I.; 10/10/1919--5/15/1955
ERWIN, Whit; 7/2/1899--2/16/1959; Mason
GIBSON; W. H.; 1871--1940
KING, Ira Arthur, Sr.; 9/15/1872--7/10/1943
WIFE: Arie Lee GARRETT; 2/27/1877--8/27/1933
KING, Willie Valentine; 2/14/1906--2/11/1943
CUPIT, Clarence C.; 3/3/1882--3/21/1940
CUPIT, Hardy C.; 1880--1947
TWINER, Melvin Gordon; 1/3/1921--11/26/1946
KING, Arie Faye; Infant; 10/14/1945
MITCHELL, David B.; 1893--1952; Mason
WIFE: Mary O. MITCHELL; 1896--
McCALIP, Maston Cook, 1/1/1863--3/6/1931
WIFE: Lou Anna McCALIP; 2/21/1879--6/15/1943
FLOWERS, Thomas J.; 10/17/1852--6/20/1933
WIFE: Nannie C. FLOWERS; 8/27/1856--1/12/1930
MITCHELL, Wylie O.; 1/17/1872--5/22/1927
WIFE: Annie DAVIS; 1/23/1876--8/1/1922
MITCHELL, Virgil D.; 4/22/1903--6/9/1943
McDONALD, Clifton Everett; 6/10/1874--7/20/1942
WIFE: Serena MULLINS; 6/20/1875--4/25/1919
DAVIS, Annie THOMAS; 2/28/1896--5/16/1930
THOMAS, W. E.; 9/6/1877--10/1/1934
WIFE: Edna Inez THOMAS; 8/16/1878--2/23/1952
THOMAS, Farrel; 2/13/1909--2/17/1931
COLEMAN, Bracie Earl; 8/14/1915--1/4/1936
COLEMAN, Virgie Lee; dau. of J. W. & W. L. COLEMAN; 4/18/1922--10/2/1922
HARTLEY, Nina Mae; wife of C. R. FARIS; 11/6/1894--8/8/1927
WILKINSON, John Neil; 1889--1948
GIBSON, George McIntosh; 11/18/1873--1/9/1950
WIFE: Elizabeth WILKINSON; 2/6/1878--7/17/1947
PRITCHARD, Tho. J.; 2/28/1874--11/4/1940
MOORE, Carter C.; 6/14/1872--7/11/1947
WIFE: Lela A. COLEMAN; 8/5/1871--5/25/1915
ANDERSON, Albert E.; 6/8/1908--6/4/1912
ANDERSON, Inez F.; 11/24/1877--7/13/1929
BUCKELS, Mary Lou Ella; wife of J. C. FARIS; 2/25/1861--3/1/1923
DAWKINS, Stephen Fairly; 7/15/1876--
WIFE: Hattie ERWIN; 7/25/1876--6/12/1944
GARRETT, Jessie Lee; dau. of Edgar & Ada Mae GARRETT; 5/10/1918--7/7/1919
GARRETT, Leta Mae; dau. of Edgar & Ada Mae GARRETT; 1/17/1899--7/12/1918
DAWKINS, Martha V.; dau. of S. W. & Ella Dawkins; 7/27/1889--7/21/1916
DAWKINS, Stephen Walter; 12/9/1849--8/22/1921
WIFE: Ella OSBORNE; 3/10/1856--3/17/1932
GARRETT, Ada Mae DAWKINS; wife of Edgar GARRETT; 8/23/1878--1/26/1937
CUPIT, James Cameron; 8/30/1875
WIFE: Jessie Annie DAVIS; 9/21/1872--8/21/1949
McMILLAN, Bert, Sr.; 1879--1960
McMILLAN, Sonny; son of Bert & Hattie McMILLAN; 1930-1934
McMILLAN, Euna Mae; 1914--1931
McMILLAN, Bert, Jr.; 1921--
IRWIN, John Warren; infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Whit ERWIN; 3/30/1926--4/8/1926
ERWIN, Warren; 1874--1948
WIFE: Minnie A. ERWIN; 1878-1957
ERWIN, David Whitfield; 6/30/1867--12/2/1952
WIFE: Bertha J. ERWIN; 12/19/188--
SAXON, Augustus LaFayette; 7/7/1887--8/15/1960, Mason
WIFE: Bertie CUPIT; 9/30/1888--
GALBREATH, Rachel L.; 1866--1958
ZIMMERMAN, Irene; 1902--1939
GALBREATH, John N.; 1848--1908
O'NEAL, George; son of George & Bertie O'NEAL; 9/17/1914--6/19/1916
O'NEAL, Albert; son of George & Bertie O'NEAL; 5/11/1911--5/29/1913
O'NEAL, Curg; MS PFC 1 Tank Bn 1Armd Div WWII; 3/8/1916--7/12/1949
O'NEAL, Percy E.; MS PVT 164 Inf WWII; 7/20/1916--2/17/1945
GOFF, Tinie; 3/27/1876--6/29/1923
AHREND, Susie Jane; dau. of J. W. & M. E. AHREND; 9/21/1906--5/3/1910
AHREND, James; 12/29/1846--9/20/1917
AHREND, Sarah J.; 10/29/1855--2/13/1932
AHREND, Charles J.; MS T/Sgt 7th Marines 1 Mar Div WWII; 12/2/1920--6/9/1945
AHREND, Mattie L.; 1871--1958
AHREND, Frederick; 5/20/1870--12/25/1960
METEER, Robert P.; 12/22/1897--9/12/1934
METEER, Willie Neil; 4/22/1867--11/21/1910
WIFE: Mary Olevis SIMMONS; 12/6/1868--12/26/1939
SAXON, Hugh McLean;l 1885--1921; Mason
SAXON, Infant son of A. L. & S. R. SAXON; 4/3/1910
GIBSON, Samuel Rowan; 1875--1944
GIBSON, W. T. C.; Pvt 36 MS Inf CSA/ 2/21/1903
GIBSON, W. P.; 12/22/1843--2/20/1903
WIFE: Joyce Evaline PRICE; 8/1/1844--6/27/1911
THOMAS, Annie May; 9/2/1916--4/17/1917
ERWIN, Ernest E.; 3/12/1920--4/13/1940
ERWIN, Ludy Bell; 12/25/1925--12/25/1925
ERWIN, Thomas J., Sr.; 6/10/1844--1/8/1925; CSA
WIFE: Nancy J. WARREN; 2/1846--9/1918
ERWIN, Kelly R.; d. 11/2/1920; age 3 yrs. 9 mos.
ERWIN, Infant son of D. W. & B. J. ERWIN; 8/11/1908
ERWIN, Henry; son of T. J. & N. J. ERWIN; 12/171870--9/22/1904
WARREN, Lenora; 4/15/1852--8/13/1915
ERWIN, Thomas J., Jr.; 10/31/1871--5/27/1944
ERWIN, Infant son of Warren & M. A. ERWIN; 12/16/1908
ERWIN, Jack; 1911--1931
ERWIN, Wilbur Cecile; son of T. J. & L. E. Erwin; 8/9/1907--3/16/1908
ERWIN, Eva; dau. of T. J. & L. E. ERWIN; 2/5/1906--2/9/1906
ERWIN, Minnie Emma; dau. of T. J. & L. E. ERWIN; 11/29/1902--12/24/1902
CUPIT, Cameron; son of J. C. & J. A. CUPIT; 7/5/1901--4/13/1902
CUPIT, Ethel; dau. of J. C. & J. A. CUPIT; 5/8/1899--8/22/1904
CUPIT, Mary Velma; dau. of J. C. & J. A. CUPIT; 7/2/1908--10/26/1908
CUPIT, Emmett; son of J. C. & J. A. CUPIT; 11/3/1905--8/25/1911
FARIS, Velma; dau. of W. W. & E. L. FARIS; 9/8/1905--11/3/1906
FARIS, Alfred fW.; 5/22/1905--10/29/1907
FARRIS, Walter
FARIS, Loudie Belle; wife of T. M. SHELTON; 3/24/1883--7/18/1906
FARIS, John C.; 2/1/1855--6/24/1947
NUSOM, Armilda J.; 7/6/1850--3/22/1906
FARIS, John G.; 1/25/1818--12/15/1897
WIFE: Mrs. Elizabeth FARIS; 3/25/1823--
WILKINSON, Peter C.; 1854--1938
WIFE: Mary FARIS; 1857--1936
CURRIE, N. D.; 3/4/1841--6/12/1915
SMITH, Dixie Glae; 1945
GALBREATH, Maude; 1897--1920
GROVES, Oatis A., Jr.; 1920--1927
GROVES, Gaylord; 1923--1928
GROVES, Mary G.; 1899--1932
RIVES, C. J.; 2/18/1862--9/1/1910
RIVES, Ella METEER; 1870--1953
WATSON, N. R. C.; 1/12/1843--4/28/1901
WIFE: Henrietta DAKN; 8/3/1853--6/1/1917
WINTERS, Blanche; 2/16/1873--1/10/1904
WINTERS, W. W.; 5/7/1847--1/22/1917; CSA
WIFE: Rachel HEDRICK; 10/19/1843--10/12/1926
WINTERS, Charles S.; 8/22/1907--7/31/1921
WINTERS, Howard H.; 5/19/1874--7/19/1936
GILLIS, Norman Burke; 10/20/1849--9/8/1919
WIFE: Loconia CATO; 1/1/1857--6/9/1931
NEWMAN, Laurin; 1879--1929
NEWMAN, Maggie L.; dau. of D. C. & M. L. NEWMAN; 8/12/1892--9/29/1910
NEWMAN, D. Cameron NEWMAN; 1854--1933
WIFE: Mary P. NEWMAN; 1859--1927
CURRIE, Fleet M.; 1881--1948
WIFE: Hettie D. CURRIE; 1880--
CURRIE, Roy L.; d. 1921
CURRIE, Helen L.; d. 1914
CURRIE, Neil; son of F. M. & H. C. CURRIE; 7/16/1907--10/15/1908
RUCKER, Robert T.; 1867--1955
WIFE: Josephine E. RUCKER; 1866--1938
RUCKER, Mary Elizabeth; wife of W. D. RUCKER; 4/18/1847--11/16/1930
RUCKER, Mary MILLSAPS; 1/2/1912--3/25/1913
PRITCHARD, Nathaniel L., 8/20/1890--9/2/1903
PRITCHARD, T. J.; 6/2/1843--2/15/1928
PRITCHARD, Laura; 6/19/1847--1/31/1922
PRITCHARD, Laura; 1867--1946
PRITCHARD, Amma; 1877--1936
PRITCHARD, Tola Wm.; 9/17/1883--5/29/1960
WIFE: Myrtice V. PRITCHARD; 5/19/1892--
CURRIE, Alice; 12/8/1875--2/2/1921
CLINTON, Cora W.; 1870--1937
McCORMICK, Sallie; 1872--1939
McCORMICK, Sarah E.; Mother; 12/27/1829--11/12/1921
McCORMICK, Ella; 1867--1955
CADWALLADER, J. Proctor; 1867--1946
CADWALLADER, Ida; 1869--1959
PRITCHARD, Mrs. Cleo WATSON; 8/18/1877--11/20/1940
PRITCHARD, John N. 7/15/1871--7/5/1918
PRITCHARD, John N.; son of John N. & Cleo PRITCHARD; 1/14/1906--6/28/1906
PRITCHARD, Cleo M.; dau. of John N. & Cleo PRITCHARD; 10/28/1904--1/22/1910
KNAPP, infant son of W. d. & Anna KNAPP; 5/28/1908
KNAPP, Benjamin Dibble; 12/29/1913--6/24/1916
KNAPP, Willie D.; 1870--1929
WIFE: Anna BOWEN; 1874--1957
KNAPP, Mamie J.; dau. of C. E. & R. J. KNAPP; 8/20/1908--8/31/1909
KNAPP, Clarence E.; 1875--
WIFE: Josephine R. KNAPP; 1876--1959
STROUD, Willie C.; MS Sgt. U.S. Army WWI; 4/29/1894--3/30/1958
STROUD, Martin M.; MS 1st Sgt. 312 Engr. 87 Div WWI; 12/13/1895--3/18/1945
NEWMAN, Dr. Lenox E.; 3/111/1884--6/17/1909
WIFE: Eva SMITH; 1888--1915
NEWMAN, Dr. A. M.; 10/11/1856--6/14/1909
WIFE: Sarah T. SCOTT; 1/10/1854--10/10/1929
COLEMAN, Daniel Jeptha; 1/7/1870--2/26/1952
WIFE: Lerlean HAGGAN; 2/5/1896--
COLEMAN, Mary Ione; dau. of D. J. & B. L. COLEMAN; 10/17/1902--12/11/1903
LAMB, Nora ALSWORTH; 1861--1946
O'FLAHERTY, Martha L.; MS Y3 USNRF WWI; 6/16/1897--10/23/1957
PRITCHARD, Russ; 2/11/1876--4/13/1959
WIFE: Zula DAVIS; 2/15/1884--
PRITCHARD, Lt. George Russell; 16th Sq 27th Bomb Gp; 3/11/1919--9/5/1942
PRITCHARD, R. A.; Co. K 1st MS Arty CSA; 12/1/1834--1/19/1980
ALSWORTH, Harvey; 9/5/1878--5/2/1947
WIFE: Mary LAMB; 3/21/1884--2/12/1903
SHAW, W. Vernon; 2/12/1875--9/19/1940
SHAW, Sidney Thompson; 10/17/1873--2/22/1944
SHAW, Thompson Albert; 12/30/1851--2/19/1912
WIFE: Mrs. Effie J. SHAW; 9/14/1855--3/10/1930
NEWMAN, Thomas Shelton; son of W. L. & L. E. NEWMAN; 1/30/1903--7/7/1903
NEWMAN, Ernest W.; Co. E 3 MS Inf, Span. Amer. War
STROUD, Martin L.; 9/9/1864--11/15/1938
STROUD, Mrs. M. L.; 5/10/1870--3/12/1936
STROUD, W. Woddrow; 8/18/1914--1/31/1930
STROUD, Mattie A.; 1/20/1901--9/9/1910
RIGGS, Wyatt Cameron; 12/19/1876--8/22/1939
RIGGS, James Marshall; 10/4/1843--4/4/1915
WIFE: Alice TORREY; 6/25/1849--2/26/1925
MADDUX, John Emory; 10/18/1872--2/22/1942
KNOX, Rubbin N.; 9/7/1932--9/21/1932
KNOX, Clara I.; 4/22/1912--4/25/1912
KNOX, Edell Retta; 2/19/1905--6/6/1905
KNOX, James Calvin; 10/5/1906--2/23/1907
KNOX, Mentor N.; 10/18/1874--2/24/1933
WIFE: Clara L. KNOX; 10/17/1875--4/20/1932
McCORMICK, Hattie; 10/10/1876--6/8/1948
McCORMICK, Nannie GARRETT; wife of Archie S. McCormick; dau. of Josiah & Flora GARRETT;
  10/10/1878--7/30/1907; with newborn infant
McCORMICK, Daniel W.; 1/13/1833--10/19/1896; Mason
WIFE: Martha McCORMICK; 6/6/1846--4/3/1927
FARRIS, Tho. Jefferson; 5/24/1859--1/29/1940
SMITH, Archie; born in North Carolina; 6/22/1832--9/11/1896
CATO, Joseph W.; 3/2/1829--3/31/1903
WIFE: Mary Caroline CATO; 5/13/1836--9/21/1900
GRAFTON, C. W.; 1846--1934; Pastor of Union Church & Bensalem; 1873--1934
WIFE: Sue M. DOAK; wife of Rev. C. W. Grafton; d. 6/18/1885; aged 37 years and 2 days
GRAFTON, Henry; son of C. W. & Susie Doak Grafton/5/20/1874-12/25/1895
GRAFTON, Nellie; dau. of C. W. & Susie Doak Grafton; 8/20/1875-4/30/1895
GRAFTON, Carrie; 9/13/1879-4/3/1880
GRAFTON, Maggie; 1/10/1883-5/21/1883
SCOTT, John Lee; 1872-1955
WIFE: Mary GRAFTON; 1877-1952
GILLIS, John Scott; 10/5/1847-5/27/1925
GILLIS, Flora TORREY; 9/4/1847-4/15/1938
TORREY, John; 8/11/1818-1/27/1907
WIFE: Margaret CAMERON; 8/16/1829-3/15/1909
TORREY, Dougal A.; 1/28/1854-7/15/1922
TORREY, Mary Catherine; 3/10/1857-5/13/1942
MADDUX, Estelle, wife of Whitford C. TRAWICK; 9/30/1877-2/20/1949
McLAURIN, Maggie; wife of J. L. McLAURIN; 3/14/1878-9/3/1899
McLAURIN, Malcomb G.; 10/1/1875-6/19/1894
GILCHRIST, Catherine; wife of Lauch Bethea McLAURIN; 3/1/1832-5/17/1900
NEWMAN, Wm. H.; 3/2/1831-4/30/1897
WIFE: Eliza Catherine NEWMAN; 4/22/1831-9/10/1911
SCOTT, Maggie E.; dau. of W. W. & L. A. SCOTT; 11/3/1891-3/11/1903
SCOTT, Willie W.; 1/29/1869-5/28/1945
WIFE: Luta NEWMAN; 3/2/1869-2/9/1927
ALSWORTH, Cameron Warren; 2/2/19039/16/1959
ALSWORTH, Eugene; 8/24/1879-7/3/1952
ALSWORTH, Minnie; 8/13/1873-7/19/1959
McLAURIN, Oscar Bethea; son of Catherine G. & L. B. McLAURIN; 12/18/1866-2/26/1951
HALFORD, Lula; d. 8/10/1960; age 90 years
HALFORD, Jake W.; Miss. Pvt 154 Amb Co. 32 Div.
HALFORD, John E.; Co. I 14 Cav. CSA
MANN, Isaac; 2/17/1775-8/10/1862
SIMPSON, Addie J.; 12/30/1882-2/25/1936
BUCKELS, A. H.; 3/10/1810-10/11/1857
BUCKELS, Flora J.; 4/1/1815-2/2/1860
PRICE, Mary M.; 10/25/1840-11/16/1892
McLAURIN, L. B>; 11/10/1828-7/11/1890; Mason
WIFE: Catherine McLAURIN; b. 3/1/1832
TORREY, Ann; 2/19/1860-11/9/1888
McLAURIN, Phillip G.; son of L. B. & Catherine McLAURIN; 6/5/1864-4/25/1866
McNEILL, John D.; 5/2/1814-8/30/1854
CAMERON, Wm. A.; 4/17/1849-11/14/1890
CAMERON, Sallie E.; 2/25/1853-5/29/1892
CAMERON, Emmett; son of W. A. & S. E. CAMERON; 9/7/1876-6/11/1883
CAMERON, Eugene; son of W. A. & S. E. CAMREON; 1/2/1874-9/19/1874
SHAW, Maggie A.; 11/20/1853-5/17/1921
SHAW, Claudine; 8/18/1857-2/28/1888
SHAW, Mary A.; wife of Wm. SHAW; 12/5/1828-5/22/1894
SHAW, Kate C.; wife of James HARRINGTON; 1857-1920
SHAW, Sam L.; 1865-1928
KNAPP, Infant son of B. d. & C. V. KNAPP; 6/18/1868-5/9/1869
KNAPP, Joseph P.; son of B. D. & C.V> KNAPP; 11/20/1870-1/27/1874
WARREN, Joseph J.; 4/19/1815-12/12/1893
WARREN, Sarah J.; 4/30/1826-6/27/1897
WARREN, E. Q.; 12/21/1862-5/5/1897
RIGGS, Dougal Marshall; infant son of J. M. & S. A. RIGGS; 8/21/1869-10/18/1870
MACCUX, Emory A.; 11/29/1841-11/30/1884
WIFE: Margaret Arlone TORREY; 8/21/1851-11/24/1918
POPE, Alexander McLaurin; 11/19/1952-11/22/1952
LEE, Need; 1/27/1836-11/10/1891
LEE, Julia J.; 1/5/1840-12/23/1912
MILLER, Clara; 10/11/1860-4/13/1901
MILLER, J. E.; 5/31/1853-8/1/1915
MILLER, Maggie; 11/26/1887-6/12/1901
McKELL, Wm. Tho.; 1879-1958
WIFE: Annie McARN; 1879
McARN, EFFIE; 3/1/1889-3/5/1915
McARN, Allene; 3/1/1889-6/2/1905
McARN, John Dougal, 4/7/1852-12/29/1916
WIFE: Lizzie WILKINSON; 1/5/1855-5/28/1904
McARN, Duncan; 2/14/1810-2/24/1875, aged 65 years, 10 days
McARN, Catherine; Our Mother; 1/12/1821-2/8/1885, age 64 years and 26 days
McARN, Wm. Torry; 5/7/1845-10/27/1874; age 29 years, 5 months, 20 days
McARN, Willie Sue; 7/9/1881-3/23/1949
McARN, Ruth; 6/23/1894-12/23/1926
McARN, Margaret; 12/101885-8/11/1931
McARN, Emmie Power; 12/21/1879-8/9/1937
NEWMAN, Arch L.; 1875-1956
NEWMAN; 1872-1943
NEWMAN, Eugene; 1/21/1848-11/4/1875
WIFE: Mary A. NEWMAN; 1/23/1853-2/27/1925
NEWMAN, John Warren; son of Eugene & M. A> NEWMAN; 12/9/1871-8/18/1872
WARREN, Joseph Parker; 11/2/1860-8/9/1862
WARREN, Augusta Leone; 3/26/1855-1/30/1859
McLAURIN, Mrs. Margaret; 6/12/1790-2/11/1865
NEWMAN, John Riley, son of Dr. a. M. & S. T. Newman; 9/8/1878-11/1/1879
NEWMAN, Archibald M., Jr.; son of Dr. A. M. & S. T. NEWMAN; 3/26/1882-5/14/1885
SHAW, Wm.; 1/12/1819-10/6/1882
SHAW, Mary Eliza; dau. of W. & M. A. SHAW; 1/13/1850-6/15/1851
SHAW, Ernest E.; 2/5/1860-4/6/1940
SHAW, Wm., Jr.; 1848-1933
SHAW, Albert; 9/17/1828-1/27/1864; Mason
HILLIARD, Lycugus; son of Irvin Pierce & Amaryillis W. Hilliard; his wife; born February 13, 1855; But of Momentary
McLAURIN, infant son of D. N. & A. E. McLAURIN; b. & d. 8/18/1850
McLAURIN, infant son of D. N. & A. E. McLAURIN; b. & d. 10/4/1849
McLAURIN, George Washington; son of D. N. & A. E. McLAURIN; b. 1/14/1847- d. 10/14/1848
McLAURIN, John Scott; son of D. N. & A. E. McLAURIN; 12/6/1841-10/15/1848
BUIE, Thomas Chalmers; son of D. G. & E. BUIE; 9/18/1849-6/23/1851
BUIE, Nancy Eunice; dau. of D. G. & E. BUIE; 1/31/1852-9/28/1855
BUIE, Clement T.; eldest son of D. g. & Emily BUIE; 1/10/1847-3/4/1868
BUIE, James Ernest; youngest son of D. G. & Emily BUIE; 9/16/1858-7/26/1869
FAIRLY, Peter; 7/15/1793-6/8/1852
WIFE: Mary FAIRLY; 9/1795-2/23/1861
CAMERON, Ernest Eugen; son of A. J. & M. C. CAMERON; 8/22/1857-7/15/1867
FAIRLY, Clarence Elmo; infant son of C. S. & L. B. FAIRLY; 1/7/1889; age 1 mo. & 4 days
FAIRLY, Laura Effey; dau. of H. J. &  M. J. FAIRLY; 10/23/1863-4/23/1865
FAIRLY, Infant dau. of H. J. & F. J. FAIRLY; 6/3/1860-7/2/1860
BUCKELS, Albert A.; son of A. H. & F. J. BUCKELS; 9/1/1846-12/18/1846
BUCKELS, Archibald A.; son of A. H. & F. J. BUCKELS; 11/13/1836-1/19/1837
BUCKELS, Franklin H.; son of A. H. & F. J. BUCKELS; 11/16/1844-9/3/1845
HURST, Mrs. Frances; dau. of W. H. & E. K. BOWEN; 9/21/1831-8/3/1859
BOWEN, Rev. John B>; 10/29/1826-11/11/1906; Mason
WIFE: Rebecca MILLSAPS; 3/30/1838-5/1/1908
SEGREST, Albert Bard; 9/23/1870-4/29/1953
WIFE: Lena BOWEN; 11/8/1867-8/26/1934
TORREY, Mary Ellen; dau. of Dr. Archibald TORREY & Mary SMITH; 9/6/1840-3/28/1900
TREVILLION,Torrey; son of S. M. & Narcissa TREVILLION; 7/9/1874-11/5/1875
TORREY, Loveda; wife of A. SCHAEFER; 5/10/1844-4/22/1904
TORREY, Sylvester; d. 12/18/1902; age 65.
BUIE, Mary H.; 2/28/1816-1/17/1902
MONTGOMERY, Mrs. Susan M.; wife of our Pastor, Rev. S. M. MONTGOMERY; departed this life 6/28/1871,
   in the 48th year of her age.
BUIE, Mary Louana; dau. of Daniel G. & Emily BUIE; 5/15/1856-8/7/1884
BUIE, Daniel G.; 5/20/1821-10/27/1881
BUIE, Emily TORREY; 2/7/1827-12/11/1881
BUIE, Flora Josephine; dau. of Daniel G. & Emily BUIE; 3/21/1854-12/4/1873
TORREY, R. D.; 12/5/1822-11/17/1887
WIFE: Mary TORREY; 4/28/1832-7/14/1855
TORREY, Mrs. Mary; d. 4/23/1899, aged 64 years.
TORREY, Willie T.; son of R. d. & Mary TORREY; 7/31/1867-9/30/1883
MITCHELL, John; born in Rowan County, NC; 5/5/1770-2/22/1859
MITCHELL, Martha; d. 10/5/1839, age 63 years.
McDUGALD, Charles; 1755-12/1855, age 100 years.
McDUGALD, Catherine; 1795-6/11/1859; aged 64 years
SMILEY, Mrs. C. T.; d. 10/30/1874, aged 59 years
SMILEY, Rev. J. H.; 11/20/1812-5/10/1862; erected by his son.
SMILEY, Emma; To my Darling Child; d. 3/25/1857, aged 17 years.
McLEAN, Mary Jane; dau. of C. F. & M. McLEAN; 8/25/1835-3/23/1839
WATSON, John; d. 10/25/1842, aged 65 years.
BUIE, Willie M.; 12/25/1867-2/2/1891
BOREN, Richard B.; 1889-1959
WIFE: Grace VARNADO; 1894-
BOREN, Mary Louisa; dau. of Richard B. & Grace BOREN; 5/7/1926-12/26/1928
BUIE, Wm. E., M.D.; d. 1/14/1878, aged 60 years.
DODDS, Dr. W. P.; b. in York District, SC; 11/16/1811; d. in Franklin County, MS, 10/14/1871; Mason
ADAMS, Rev. James; Late Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Monticello, New York; b. in Bath, NC; d. at Union
Church, 2/7/1857, aged 55 years; Erected by Students of Union Academy.
VARNADO, Merida A.; 1869-1956
WIFE: Catherine VARNADO; 1870-1952
GILCHRIST, Wm. A.; son of J. & M. A. GILCHRIST; 9/5/1855-6/4/1857
BUIE, Robet M.; 1/29/1833-10/5/1888
WIFE: Mariah C. BUIE; 9/15/1836-1/11/1901
BUIE, Bunchie; dau. of Robet & Mariah BUIE, and wife of J. W. NOBLE; d. 9/30/1902, Aged 36 years.
BUIE, G. C.; 1859-1934
BUIE, CHarles; 10/4/1855-1/18/1901
WALKUP, J. L.; 10/3/1860-5/13/1932
WIFE: M. B. WALKUP; 1/1/1862-6/7/1938
GARRETT, Wm. T.; 12/5/1869-10/18/1935
GARRETT, Lovedy C.; 8/17/1868-7/28/1952
PRITCHARD, Claude H.; 8/201903-10/28/1959
BUIE, Benjamin Franklin; 8/12/1886-8/4/1947
STROUD, Josie BUIE; 9/28/1884-
BUIE, John Vernon; 7/12/1899-8/21/1943
BUIE, B. F.; 1855-1926
WIFE: Mary FAIRLy; 1861-1935
FAIRLY, Archibald R.; 10/14/19217/18/1888
KENNEDY, Lucille BUIE; 3/5/1901-1/16/1953
BICKHAM, D.; 5/18/1889-5/31/1935
WIFE: Annie BICKHAM; 6/30/1884-
GALBREATH, M. B.; 1854-1915
GALBREATH, Iva B.; 1858-1902
GALBREATH, Hooker; 1889-1902
GALBREATH, Elizabeth, Our Mother; 1885-1898 (sic)
McBRIDE, Louanna; dau. of J. & C. McBRIDE; 9/25/1874-1/28/1875
McBRIDE, Johnny L.; son of J. & C McBRIDE; 1/10/1883-8/18/1884
CLARK, Henrietta; b. in New York City; 3/9/1811-d. 12/8/1886
HUSBAND: Isaac G. CLARK; 9/7/1834-1/31/1876
SCOTT, Joseph; son of J. L. & M. C. SCOTT; 3/14/1864-10/10/1913
SCOTT, Miss Annie M.; 1869-10/11/1960
COBB, Wm. Percy; 1877-1932
WIFE: Louise SCOTT; 1867-1938
COBB, Infant son of W. P. & L. COBB; b. and d. 3/17/1899
McMILLAN, Malcolm; d. 7/29/1838, age 32 years.
McMILLAN; infant son of D. & S. McMILLAN; b. and d. 9/7/1838
McMILLAN, Douglad; d. 1/27/1865; about 74 years
WIFE: Sarah McMILLAN; d. 7/5/1864; aged 59 years
McMILLAN; infnat son of J. A> & E. C> McMILLAN
McMILLAN, Irvin Carol; son of J. A. & E. C. McMILLAN
McMILLAN, Henry Clay; son of Dougald & Sarah McMILLAN; 5/13/1847-9/1/1865
McMILLAN, Archibald D. S.; 6/23/1833-Killed in the Battle of Baker's Creek; 5/15/1863
FAIRLY, Hugh J.; 8-1-1829-1/23/1903
WIFE: Jennie FAIRLY; 1/8/1843-2/26/1892
FAIRLY, Clarence Stanley; husband of Lou B.TOWNS & eldest son of Hugh J.& Jennie BUCKLES Fairly; 6/5/1859-2/24/1916
McPHERSON, Dr. J. N.; d. 2/13/1892; aged 56 years
MOSS, David F.; b. at Rockfield, Kentucky; 1/23/1868-7/22/1951
FAIRLY, Archibald A.; 10/27/1880-8/1/1940
FAIRLY, F. Jennie; 3/12/1875-4/29/1943
FAIRLY, J. Duncan; 1884-1935
GALBRATH, John Franklin; 2/27/1858-11/2/1872
GALBRATH, Catharine Ann McCORMICK.; 3/27/1836-6/3/1884; Consort of J. D. GALBRATH
CATO, J. A.; son of Lewis & Mary CATO; b. 2/6/1836; Fell in the Battle of Harrisburg, 7/14/1864; Mason; By Affectionate Wife
CATO, Lewis; 5/12/1812-8/7/1885
WIFE: Mary CATO; 2/3/1809-9/22/1897
GALBREATH, Neill; d. 3/17/1836; aged 66 years
GALBREATH, Margaret; d. 3/3/1836; aged 53 years
DeCELL, T. F.; 10/18/1857-3/17/1893
GALBREATH,; infant child of M. A. & M. A. GALBREATH; 3/3/1857-5/3-1857
DeCELL, Mary SCOTT, wife of T. F. DeCELL; 12/24/1860-4/2/1886
GARRETT, infant dau. of Josiah and Flora GARRETT; 8/10/1870
GARRETT, Annie; dau. of Josiah & Flora GARRETT; 8/5/1872-8/4/1876
KING, Lola Winnifred; dau. of I. A. & A. L. KING; 5/26/1902-5/22/1903
GARRETT, Josiah; 8/14/1840-4/20/1928; CSA
WIFE: Flora CARMICHAEL GARRETT; 9/30/1839-12/6/1906
GARRETT, William Daniel, son of Edgar & Ada GARRETT; 10/25/1904-8/22/1916
GARRETT, Carroll DeWitt; son of Edgar & Ada GARRETT; 2/18/1903-4/16/1904
DAWKINS, Ernest Eugene; 11/7/1883-12/16/1913; W.O.W.
MORGAN, Mrs. Sallie; 1/31/1843-9/26/1906
MORGAN, John; 7/3/1833-12/28/1904
GUPTON, Rena, Woodrwo, Wesley
CUPIT, Effie A. WARREN; wife of Sebren L. CUPIT; 8/11/1845-2/2/1888
McCORMICK, Dougal; 1829-1882
BANDY, Kathleen McCORMICK; 7/28/1898-5/3/1941
WARREN, Elizabeth; wife of Daniel WARREN, b. 6/23/1825; m. 9/29/1842; After a life of trust in Christ she died
11/16/1872; aged 47 yrs. 4 months 23 days
WARREN, Isadora; dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth WARREN; d. 6/6/1863; aged 8 yrs. 5 mos. 13 days.
MILLER, F. C.; 6/23/1836-2/17/1872
SCOTT, John L.; 1829-1875
WIFE: Catherine SCOTT; 1832-1915
SCOTT, Lee Alexander; son of J. L. & M. C. SCOTT; 2/25/1857-7/11/1863
SCOTT; infant child of J. L. & M. C. SCOTT; b. and d. 10/11/1859
WARREN, Archibald C.; son of C. C. & A. WARREN; 4/4/1853-7/27/1854
WARREN; infant dau. of C. C. & A. WARREN; b. and d. 11/21/1854
WIFE: Lenorah SCOTT WARREN; wife of C. C. WARREN & dau. of N. & M. SCOTT1/7/1825-7/5/1849
GALBREATH, John M.; 3/6/1859-8/6/1937
WIFE: Lasaphine MOORE; 10/4/1867-7/11/1954
PATTERSON, Wm.; d. 8/14/1835; aged 38 years
PATTERSON, Mary; d. 9/7/1851; aged 50 years
PATTERSON, infant son of D. G. & E. PATTERSON; b. and d. 7/4/1857
PATTERSON, Fannie C.; dau. of d. G. & E. PATTERSON; 4/16/1866-6/4/1868
MULLINS, Willie G.; son of R. J. & M. T. MULLINS; 2/8/1891-3/21/1894
GARRETT, Isaac; 1/12/1808-8/24/1856; Mason
WIFE: Abba Ann WARREN GARRETT; 12/16/1812-12/1/1899
GARRETT, S. A.; son of Isaac and Abba Ann GARRETT; 9/6/1851-12/24/1851
GARRETT, W. B.; son of Isaac and Abba Ann GARRETT; 9/28/1853-7/13/1854
CLARK, O. F.; Beloved husband; 3/11/1859-10/17/1888
NORTON, Mariah M.; 10/10/1828-9/17/1886
COOR, Fredric Hilburn; 8/24/1858-12/8/1937
RICHARDSON, Mary Jane; 1840-1917; Grandmother
CLARK, James N.; 10/12/1829-7/17/1872; Mason
JACOBS, Mrs. Martha; 10/10/1782-7/11/1857;age 74yrs. 9 mos
CLARK, John H.; 8/7/1806-12/18/1890
WIFE: Mary K. CLARK; 2/28/1811-2/28/1811-12/30/1866
CLARK, Wm. H.; 3/27/1812-1/12/1883
CLARK, E. C.; 10/30/1830-5/6/1921; She believed and sleeps in Jesus
WARNOCK, Minnie Bulah, dau. of W. H. & Georgia WARNOCK; 1890-1894
COOR, F. H.; son of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. COOR; 1/18/1925-3/18/1929
CLARK, Francis Lou; 1856-1948
CLARK, John D.; 9/27/1845-1/27/1905; Mason
McCALLUM, Nettie WINTERS; wife of S. T. McCALLUM; 7/19/1877-11/2/1900
McCALLUM, H. S.; 11/11/1836-5/2/1868
McCALLUM, Rev. A.; born in Robeson County, NC; 10/4/1801; d. in Claiborne County, 10/27/1885
McCALLUM, Mrs. Francina M.; 8/15/1812-3/23/1858
McCALLUM, Dougi; son of D. & L. K. McCALLUM; 5/23/1863-9/10/1866
GALBRATH, Jeffy Daivis; 2/8/1860-8/17/1864
McCALLUM, Barbara; wife of J. C> McCALLUM; d. 9/21/1862; aged 62 years
McCORMICK, John C.; born in Richmond County, North Carolina; 8/1797; died in Jefferson County, Miss. 2/27/1878
McCORMICK, Lavinia Angaline; wife of N. S> McCORMICK; 2/28/1836-9/3/1856
McCORMICK, John Potter; 1/14/1872-5/19/1925
McCORMICK, Mary McARN; 12/19/1877-7/29/1952
McCORMICK, Lewis; son of D. W. & M. J. McCORMICK; d. 10/10/1883; age 14 years
WILKINSON, Daniel K.; d. 12/6/1858; aged about 76 years
WIFE: Elizabeth W. WILKINSON; d. 82/1881; aged 87 years
WILKINSON, Carolina; d. 8/11/1862; age 30 years
WILKINSON, John c.; 9/7.1824-4/29/1900
METEER, E. H.; 10/6/1835-12/28/1915; CSA
WIFE: Lizzie I. METEER; 1/20/1838-12/17/1903
METEER, Neill R.; 11/25/1809-3/21/1892
WIFE: Huldah METEER; native of Jefferson County, MS; 5/20/1816-5/29/1876
LEE, J. P.; 12/23/1829-2/18/1884
WIFE: Eliza Jane WILKINSON LEE; wife of John P. LEE; 4/5/1825-3/2/1911
DAWKINS, Infant son of Stephen W. & Ella DAWKINS; 12/29/1880-1/31/1881
OSBORN, S. I.; 8/13/1822-9/9/1887
OSBORN, Mary Bowen; dau. of J. C. & J. B. OSBORN; 1/25/1894-11/12/1894
OSBORN, Samuel D.; 5/10/1859-5/11/1917
OSBORN, Katie NEWMAN; wife of S. D. OSBORN; 9/1/1861-6/30/1921
OSBORN, Mike; MS Pvt. 116 Am In 41 Div; 1/30/1895-6/1/1935
ALSWORTH, W. B.; 6/23/1833-11/4/1914
WIFE: Mary A. Alsworth; 4/26/1836-9/6/1897
ALSWORTH, John; son of W. B. & Mary A. ALSWORTH; 11/13/1875-7/30/1883
ALSWORTH, Carrie; dau. of W. B. & Mary A. ALSWORTH; 1/9/1868-1/30/1892
ALSWORTH, Emma; 6/6/1860-2/22/1940
MITCHELL, Thomas G.; son of J. W. & Georgia MITCHELL; 1896
MITCHELL, Georgia ABBOTT; wife of J. W. MITCHELL; 10/22/1868-9/13/1896
ABBOTT, Wm. Thomas; son of S.  A. & W. A. ABBOTT; 8/19/1868s-10/25/1872
ABBOTT, Wm. A.; 9/5/1944-4/1/1870; Mason
WILKINSON, Franklin Walker; 12/7/1857-9/22/1917
WIFE: Rosa L. WILKINSON; 1866-1956
WILKINSON, John F.; 1905-1944
NOBLE, Harriet A.; dau. of Jos. & Sarah NOBLE; 8/11/1857-9/22/1857
McCALLUM, Annie Bishop; 1880-1918
McCALLUM, Samuel Davies; 12/8/1934-8/30/1922
WIFE: Mary A. McPHERSON; 1841-1929
McCALLUM, Fannie; 1/31/1867-4/7/1948
McCALLUM, Jennie; 1/14/1876-6/11/1953
GRIFFING, Cora Belle; 11/29/1894-4/26/1955
GRIFFING, Erastus Lemb; 6/27/1854-4/13/1928
PALMER, Sarah Martha; 3/23/1850-11/25/1922
SMITH, John Charles; son of J. E. & M. E. SMITH; 8/27/1927-1/9/1931
ALLRED, John S.; 7/31/1848-4/13/1887
WIFE: Dorothy V. GRAVES; 10/18/1852-11/19/1904
CATO, Minnie CAMERON; wife of B. S. CATO; 1/11/1863-5/8/1888
BURCH, Wade; son of D. S. & T. E. BURCH; 5/26/1877-6/16/1891
ALLRED, Luther, son of S. & M. J. ALLRED; 2/14/1868-12/28/1889
STEVENS, Bob; 1/19/1890-9/15/1950
WIFE: Cora STEVENS; 2/18/1887-
CARNES, Charles C.; 1867-1938
CARNES, Hallie M.; 1870-1957
FOSTER, James B.; 2/12/1888-8/30/1953; Mason
WIFE: Edna L. FOSTER; 5/6/1905-
FARIS, Carl; son of T. J. & M. E. Faris; 6/4/1883-9/4/1884
BERRY, James; 11/27/1882-12/29/1912
ABBOTT, Rufus Howard; 1887-1928
WIFE: Sallie ABBOTT; 6/18/1863-2/16/1934
GALBREATH, D. G.; 18521931
KNOX, Gertrude; 5/18/1877-3/26/1925
KNOX, F. J.; 5/23/1846-5/21/1891
KNOX, Eugene M.; 5/11/1884-11/3/1924
KNOX, Clavin H.; 10/23/1850-2/27/1884
NEWMAN, Margaret A.; 7/21/1825-7/29/1893
HUNTER, John A.; 7/12/1816-12/11/1895
WIFE: Mary A. HUNTER; 8/23/1825-4/23/1884
GALBREATH, George N.; 10/21/1848-4/22/1895
GALBREATH, Hadie; 3/17/1855-4/2/1906
CARNES, Margaret; 10/17/1850-2/7/1923
CARNES, Whitfield; 6/2/1860-4/11/1915
CARNES, Vernon; son of L. W. & M. J. CARNES; 12/2/1883-4/28/1889
CATO, Infant of B. S. & M. CATO; 10/10/1885
CATO, Infant of B. S. & M. CATO; 2/18/1887
CATO, Henry; son of H. & R. CATO; 4/8/1862-3/11/1888
DAVIS, Samuel A.; d. 4/15/1960; aged 52 years, 8 months, 16 days
DAVIS, Alexander; b. in Richmond County, NC; 7/23/1839-8/27/1898; "He was innocently murdered."
DAVIS, W. W.; b. in Marlborough District, SC; 6/21/1807; d. in Jefferson County, MS; 9/7/1886
WIFE: Mary DAVIS; b. in Richmond County, NC; 10/6/1803-7/17/1885
DAVIS, Dougal D.; b. in Richmond County, NC; 2/1/1836-4/5/1894
DAVIS, Syrena CLARK DAVIS; 3/10/1845-11/20/1910
SCOTT, Wm. B.; 1851-1931
WIFE: Cora B. SCOTT; 4/15/1851-10/18/1879
CATO, Martha E.; 3/21/1845-12/9/1899
CATO, Edwin; 11/17/1853-9/4/1893
CATO, Sterling; 8/12/1817-12/6/1878
WIFE: Rebecca CATO; 3/16/1816-3/17/1896
McPHERSON, Malcomb; 5/25/1804-3/14/1879
WIFE: Eliza Jane McPHERSON; 4/19/1827-6/17/1886
CAMERON, Henry A.; 1855-1896
CAMERON, Daniel H.; 12/24/1821-2/3/1885
WIFE: Mary E. CAMERON; 9/27/1825-8/4/1892
CATO, Blanche GILLIS; wife of Tho. B. CATO; 12/7/1852-3/19/1882
GILLIS, David W.; 9/4/1856-9/11/1888
WIFE: Louisa S. GILLIS; 10/30/1826-4/2/1900
GALBREATH, M. A.; 10/19/1818-12/4/1890
WIFE: Mary A. GILLIS; 11/3/1822-2/11/1883
CATO, Henry; 4/1/1808-1/19/1896
WIFE: Rebecca CATO; 2/10/1828-1/19/1896
FORE, Martha A.; 8/5/1846-3/20/1882
CATO, Lewis C.;  ___ /5/1852-11/19/1881
WIFE: Gertrude CATO; 8/22/1849-5/25/1917
GALBREATH, J. D.; 1862-1922
GALBREATH, Eugene Henderson; 4/6/1859-1/15/1911; W.O.W.
GALBREATH, John A.; 1/19/1813-8/28/1884
WIFE: Bettie Ann GALBREATH; 8/29/1819-7/13-1907
McLEAN, Minnie; dau. of N. D. & L. C. McLEAN; 10/12/1888-2/24/1900
McLEAN, N. D.; 1/2/1859-11/19/1889
McLEAN, Sadie; dau. of N. D. & L. C. McLean; 11/27/1883-10/13/1884
McLEAN, Lou Cameron; 1857-1936
RICHARDSON, C. W.; d. 11/12/1912; age 64
BEARD, C. C.; 2/21/1857-6/17/1932
DAVIS, Dr. Headrick; 4/22/1862-3/16/1897
WIFE: Mary Ivy McLEAN; dau. of J. J. & S. J. McLEAN; 10/7/1869-6/14/1890
CATO, Lewis C.; 10/5/1857-11/19/1881
McLEAN, N. D.; 1/2/1859-stone broken
McLEAN, Gertie; dau. of Dr. J. J. McLEAN & S. J. McLEAN; 4/7/1876-6/8/1898
McLEAN, Dr. J. J.; born in Robeson County, NC; 4/25/1828; died in Union Church, Mississippi; 8/21/1905; Capt.Co.
A, 12th
  MS Regiment, CSA
WIFE: Sarah J. McLAURIN; 11/25/1834-8/24/1912
McLEAN, James J.; son of Hugh & Bettie Miller McLEAN; 10/24/1891-8/13/1899
McLEAN, Hugh; 11/1/1863-9/3/1915
SMITH, C. A. GALBREATH; wife of J. H. SMITH; 2/2/1850-6/12/1905
GALBREATH, Fredonia I.; 4/17/1852-10/16/1923
GALBREATH, James F.; 12/16/1856-6/15/1925
SMITH, Angus W.; 3/31/1843-1/18/1928
WIFE: Elizabeth O. PHILLIPS; 12/9/1846-10/4/1919
BARNES, Louis Truly; son of W. B. & Effie Barnes; 2/19/1914-11/13/1914
BARNES, Willis; 1855-1929
BARNES, Mary Ann SMITH; wife of W. B. BARNES; 7/30/1842-9/19/1906
WILSON, Bessie BARNES; wife of L. L. WILSON; 10/2/1882-1/5/1905
BARNES, Thomas Adam; son of Peter & Agnes Barnes; 9/20/1903-6/21/1905
McCALLUM, Andrew M.; Co. A. 1 MS Light Artillery, CSA; 8/31/1843-11/4/1930
WIFE: Martha L. TUCKER; 7/23/1842-5/29/1909
STEELE, Christine CATO; wife of H. C. STEELE; dau. of L. A. & Ellen McFarland Cato; 12/2/1892-12/7/1929
CATO, Lewis A.; 5/25/1863-4/1/1935
WIFE: Ella McFARLAND; 6/28/1857-3/28/1947

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