Benajah and Ferriba STRINGER WARREN, my 3-g-grandparents, were pioneers of the Southwest
Mississippi Territory, migrating from Montgomery County, Georgia to Jefferson County, Mississippi
in about 1820.  This small family cemetery consists of 4 known graves, however, there may be
graves which no longer have stones.   Besides Benajah and Ferriba, their son, Josiah, and their
daughter, Nancy, are buried here.  The cemetery was undoubtedly on their property when it was in
use.  In the years since my g-g-g-grandparents  and their children died, all of their property was
sold and this cemetery now sits on timber land owned by the Georgia Pacific Company.  To their
credit, they have done their best to protect it, but time and nature haven't been kind.  Ferriba's
stone is broken, the iron fence surrounding the cemetery has been severely damaged and tree
limbs and other debris make the cemetery difficult to walk through.  Seeing the little cemetery in this
condition broke my heart, however, I'm grateful that it still exists to be seen.  So many do not.
"SACRED to the memory of
Born October 25, 1782
Died January 4, 1835"
"SACRED to the memory of
Born May 7, 1791
Died August 16, 1866"
BORN      1811
DIED    1890
He died as he lived,
a pure and upright man."
to the memory of
born August 24, 1830
died May 8, 1840"
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Front view of Warren Family Cemetery
Photographs taken May, 2002

The VanZandt Cemetery
by Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey
Strangers have bought the VanZandt place and I wonder if they know
Of a little plot upon the hill where sad white roses grow.
Will they see that way, that solemn way that leads up to the hill,
Where the gate is closed in sorrow and everything is still?
The old Captain lies here sleeping in the fields he loved so well,
Where melodious tones still echo from his old farm dinner bell.
We have two darlings lying within this sacred sod......
Oh, remember, please, dear strangers, this acre belongs to God.