"Map of Land Holdings in the Little River Area, Last Quarter, 18th Century"
From:  "The Turrentine Family" by George Ruford Turrentine; 3rd edition revised by Edgar Turrentine
"Map of Some Contiguous Farms Along Little River, About 1780"
From:  "Our Baldridge Forebears" by Dr. Chester Kennedy

With grateful appreciation to Don Turrentine for his generosity in sharing the Turrentine book with me.  Nancy

These maps were drawn by the authors of the family history books mentioned above.  They were each able and quite
thorough in their work, but it's good to remember that mistakes are sometimes made by even the most meticulous
researchers and bear that in mind when you're looking for your family's name.
Names to accompany the map below.

Alexander Turrentine, 1761 (a)
Samuel Turrentine, 1761  (b)
Francis Baldridge, 1780  (c)
James Thompson  (d)
Reubin Young  (e)
James Gibbon  (f)
Thomas McMillan, Archibald McMillan  (g)
John Kell, 1779  (h)
William Clark, 1779  (i)
Thomas James, 1761  (j)
James Watson, 1779  (k)
John Neely, 1780  (l)
William Jamison, 1780  (m)
James Cheek, 1759  (n)
John Brown, 1755  (o)
Alex Hunter, 1779  (p)
Edward Wortham, 1788  (q)
Thomas Perkins   (r)
John Riggs  (s)
John Hunter, 1755  (t)
William Churton, 1754  (u)
William Hall, 1808  (v)
John Brown, 1755  (w)
Henry Waggoner  (x)
Henry Waggoner  (y)

Notes from Dr. Kennedy:

1.  A number of names on this list go all the way back to Lancaster Co., PA.
2.  Francis Baldridge's home was located about where the asterisk in "c" is.  It is believed that Daniel
Baldridge's acreage was along Little River below Horse Creek
My 6-g-grandparents, William and Jeanette Holmes BALDRIDGE, came from Tyronne, Ulster
Province, Ireland, to Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, PA, in 1726.  Their son, John and
wife, Rebekka Clark, came later, from Coleraine, Ulster Province, and Londonderry, Ireland,
respectively, and settled in Marctic Township, Lancaster County, PA.  Their son, Francis Baldridge,
married Elizabeth TURRENTINE in 1775 in Orange County and settled in the Little River area of that
county.  Francis was a soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolution.  Elizabeth's
father, my 5-g-grandfather, Alexander Turrentine, came from Ireland with his brother, Samuel, and
settled first in PA, for a short time, then both migrated to Orange County, NC with their families.  
Elizabeth's mother was Deborah Spence Turrentine, believed to have been born in PA.  The
Baldridges' and Turrentines' farms were next to each other in Orange County, NC.
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